February 26, 2021

Remote queues, rise on the internet and fewer sales: portrait of the Christmas Lottery

Portrait of the 2020 Christmas Lottery.

Portrait of the 2020 Christmas Lottery.

The queues of buyers saving the social distance to acquire the Christmas lottery are already seen in the busiest administrations in the first weeks of December, where window sales are “slow” but do not stop and go up on the internet, although in general they have fallen due to less movement and restrictions in the hospitality industry.

“People have not lost their illusion with the pandemic” to buy lottery for him Christmas Lottery Draw and the queues have doubled this year due to having to keep the distance between one buyer and another and reducing the capacity of the offices, according to the manager of Administration number 3 of Manises, Rafael Sanchis.

In his office the windows open to the public have been reduced from six to three the capacity limitation to 50% and they have been organized into two work teams to prevent infections and extend opening hours. In fact, this year the Covid does not close at noon and since the middle of November it maintains uninterrupted hours from nine in the morning to eight in the afternoon.

For this campaign, this administration, which has 11 consecutive years handing out important prizes and in the last eight he has distributed the Fat Christmas on three occasions, it has almost tripled its workforce from the usual six people during the year to 17 between counter, telephone and internet service, and it has hired personnel to control access.

Anticovid measures established by this Manises office, the third in sales nationwide, behind Mrs. Manolita and La Bruixa d’Or, and that this year he is going “for the fourth” prize of the Gordo, has declared Rafael Sanchis.

Online selling is working better than last year, according to Sanchis, and, together with the window, it allows to compensate for “the downturn” of the lottery that is sold through associations and groups, which is where the reduction in business is most noticeable this year of pandemic due to the suspension of parties traditional, such as the Fallas or festivities of the towns.

“Not having the Fallas and the town festivals has been noted, the absence of tourists has been noted, the lower consumption of the hotel industry has been noted,” says the manager of the administration number 11, known as Bello Lottery and located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Fernando Bustamante.

As for the people of the city itself who usually go to the office to buy, “they have responded well” and this year it continues with the tradition, as well as internet sales, which have shot up by around 30 or 35% In this central administration, although through this channel sales are “one tenth, two or three”, assures Bustamante.

Usually sales are suffering “a significant decline” this year in all Spanish administrations, which still cannot be quantified but which the National Association of Provincial Lottery Administrators Associations (Anapal) has estimated 25 or 30% lower than in other years until November.

Expectations that at least the office 3 of Manises does not intend to meet and expects to increase sales “a little” compared to last year thanks to “the illusion of people in search of luck.”


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