July 25, 2021

Remiro informs Athletic that they do not want to negotiate their renewal | sports

Remiro informs Athletic that they do not want to negotiate their renewal | sports

Alex Remiro (Cascante, Navarra, 1995) has told Athletic that he does not want to continue. Josu Urrutia, the president of the club rojiblanco, in the same act in which boasted on Wednesday of a very healthy club, which will put into the piggy bank 76 million euros, which will be 130 next season, in case some day come things worse, he announced that the player's representative has communicated his decision not to present a proposal to renew.

Remiro, who has not yet made his debut in the First Division, and in light of the circumstances will not do so with the jersey number 1 of José Ángel Iribar, the door opens at the end of the season, which is when his contract ends, but closes the possibility of debuting in the highest category this campaign. "Neither the representative of the player nor the Athletic have considered the possibility of leaving in the winter market," said Urrutia. The latest offer from Athletic was close to a million euros, but the player wanted to charge double.

Urrutia already warned a couple of months ago that "Remiro still has many things to prove", angered by the football player's pretensions. Supporting its president, the coach, Eduardo Berizzo, who a week before the start of the League highlighted the qualities of the Navarre goalkeeper, decided to take the risky step of placing Unai Simón in the red-and-white goal, which Athletic rescued from his cession in the Elche, after the departure to Chelsea of ​​Kepa Arrizabalaga, and after the injury in an arm of Iago Herrerín, that this week, almost two months later, has received the medical discharge.

The 'Remiro case' has surprised the fans of Athletic. For months it delayed its renovation, but the circumstances in no case were the same in July. Kepa had extended his contract; Herrerín also, and he, yielded in the Huesca, with which he ascended to First, figured as third of the row. It seemed normal that he did not make other proposals obnoxious. But the payment of the clause of rescission of Kepa by Chelsea totally changed the panorama, and the injury of Herrerín still more. Suddenly, Remiro could become the Athletic goalkeeper. In the club they proposed a generous salary increase, and they guaranteed, as has happened in other cases, the revision of their contract based on their progress.

However, Remiro was planted in very far amounts that usually charge someone who has not debuted in the First Division. It was believed in a position of strength, but Athletic -with the collaboration of the coach- endured the ordeal. Unai Simón debuted on the first day and his hopeful performances have made the fans deny Remiro, knowing, in addition, that Herrerín, a consolidated goalkeeper, is in the breech.

In means close to the Real Sociedad it is assured that the San Sebastian club will be its destination, but also the name of Villarreal appears on the horizon. If Aperribay intends a coup d'état with the signing of an Athletic player, after the pumpkins he received from Peru Nolaskoain, who acknowledged receiving an offer from Real, he will have to offer him a contract above the average of his team, and in addition it will have to get rid of Rulli or Moyá.

Urrutia replied that no when questioned by any possible communication from the Real interested in the goalkeeper, but said now, "his situation is much clearer. In principle we will look for the interests of the club and we are seeing the performance of Simón and how is Herrerín. It is obvious that there are two companions who want to continue here and go with us hand in hand. " That is to say: Remiro does not have any chance to play, and he will see the games from the players' box.

The same did not happen with Kepa. According to Urrutia, because "in the renewal of Kepa Arrizabalaga there was a negotiation, but now they have not raised us in what situation Remiro would be willing to stay, but that in his head he is not renewing with Athletic", something that the president does not let him good sensations. "We always try to make everyone want to stay here."

In case, Hodei Oleaga, substitute of Unai Simón in the parties in which Herrerín caused loss by injury, already has been called to negotiate its contract. The reef of goalkeepers in the rojiblanca quarry, with several pearls in the inferior teams, continues to produce at a good pace, but in Athletic they do not want more leaks.

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