April 18, 2021

Relief for small carriers for the possible freezing of taxes

Relief for small carriers for the possible freezing of taxes

The transport sector is still looking for ways to achieve the least possible impact on smaller vehicles that can not benefit from professional diesel fuel if the projected comparison of diesel taxation with gasoline is achieved. And it seems that he has found an alternative with which he could achieve it. Sources of the sector assure that the Ministry of Finance was willing last week to study the proposal made by the National Road Transport Committee not to apply the future increases of the special tax on diesel to small carriers.

The large vehicles, those over 7.5 tons, can benefit from professional diesel, a tariff reduction that allows them to recover 4.9 cents per liter of the fuel they refuel up to a maximum of 2,450 euros per year. In addition, they would not be affected by the increased taxation of this fuel to match that of gasoline. However, those with less than 7.5 tons and taxis without taximeters, which number around 140,000 vehicles, can not benefit from professional diesel and would not be exempt from future tax increases. The sector assumes that the European Commission is clear about the impossibility for small carriers to accept professional diesel. However, Brussels does not say anything about the planned tax increases to match diesel and gasoline excise duties. And to that legal loophole has seized the sector to launch its proposal, presented last week in a meeting with the general director of Tributes, María José Garde. The system proposed by the transporters would imply the refund of the amounts of the diesel tax increases that were approved. The General State Budgets for this year presented by the Government of Pedro Sánchez included an increase of 4.6 cents, VAT included. However, when the budget project fell yesterday after its rejection by the Congress of Deputies, the various tax modifications that it foresaw remain in the air, among which is the comparison of the taxation of gasoline and diesel.

If, with or without budgets, the leveling of taxes is approved but the proposal put forward by the transport sector is also accepted, the small vehicles would receive an important oxygen ball because, as they explain, there are still about ten cents per liter of difference between what diesel and gasoline pay that these carriers could save for the future. As sources from the sector explain, "what can not be done is punishing a professional sector for a rise that is motivated by private transport, which is the one that really wants to be penalized by this comparison of taxes".

Alternative formulas

Although Hacienda refused at first to negotiate any benefit for small transporters, the head of the department, Maria Jesus Montero, opened a few weeks ago the door to study formulas to limit the impact of tax equalization of diesel in this group , although through another way. The minister put the focus on the possibility of looking for a formula that would allow monitoring when these vehicles are used for professional purposes and when for personal purposes. "It is difficult to control when these people use vehicles for personal purposes and when for their work," said Montero.

The 130,000 small light transport vehicles of less than 7.5 tons represent around a third of the sector in Spain. Taxi drivers who can not benefit from professional diesel account for about 7,000. They work in small population centers where taximeters are not used.


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