releases autonomous funds after saying it was illegal


Pedro Sanchez He has kicked off the pre-campaign of the November 10 elections in Valencia before an auditorium of about 800 people, many of whom stayed outside the premises. During the act, the acting President of the Government mentioned the complicated financial situation of territories like the Valencian. For this reason, it has advanced that it will update the deliveries on account of the autonomies before November 10, which represents about 4.7 billion euros. So, as ABC advanced, the Government has found a way to distribute the collection increase that it did not give to the communities in shared taxes such as VAT and personal income tax.

That is, it will advance the deliveries on account to the regions, about 4.7 billion euros in the middle of the campaign. Sanchez insisted that deliveries they are not possible with a government in functions despite the existence of alternative legal paths that would have allowed it. In fact, the Government itself it received a report from the State Advocacy which detailed that a working Executive could not approve the measure via decree.

The most benefited regions of this distribution would be Valencia (with 2,052 million less than 4,739 total), Madrid (732.9), Galicia (527.9), Extremadura (434.5), Murcia (265.2), Asturias ( 223.8), Canary Islands (223.1), Balearic Islands (177.3) and Cantabria (128.6).

During the rally He also addressed the situation in Catalonia and mentioned the assault on a journalist during the demonstrations in commemoration of October 1. «Independence must recognize that it has been shipwrecked. They cannot teach democracy and at the same time not condemn all violence that occurs in Catalonia, ”he said.

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