Released Russian opposition leader Navalni after serving 50 days in prison

Released Russian opposition leader Navalni after serving 50 days in prison

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni was released today after serving two consecutive sentences for a total of 50 days for organizing unauthorized protests.

"If someone thinks that with these arrests, which are true that they are unpleasant, we can be intimidated or restrained, because that is not the case," Navalni told the press after leaving the prison through his Twitter account.

Navalni was sentenced at the end of August to 30 days in prison for organizing in January this year a massive protest in favor of the boycott of the presidential elections in March, in which the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, was re-elected for a fourth term.

As soon as he left prison on September 24, the opposition was again arrested and sentenced to another 20 days for calling a protest against the controversial pension reform that is rejected by a majority of Russians.

Navalni, considered the opponent with more electoral pull, already met in May for another 30 days for an illegal demonstration against the investiture of the head of the Kremlin.

"In the 50 days that I have been in prison we have witnessed new evidence that this regime has finally degraded: from the failures of external espionage to the failures in the space industry," he also commented today after his release from prison.

Recently, the Ministry of Justice of Russia refused to register the Party of the Future, the new political formation of Navalni, who announced that he will appeal the decision before the courts.

The anti-corruption lawyer and blogger maintains that the Kremlin and Putin are afraid of him, because if he manages to run for the next legislative elections, he will enter the Duma and create a parliamentary commission to investigate the corruption of the ruling party, United Russia.

Therefore, it considers that the "only option to influence power" is to organize anti-government demonstrations.


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