June 21, 2021

Released a woman with intellectual disability prostituted in a nightclub club in Ávila

Released a woman with intellectual disability prostituted in a nightclub club in Ávila

Agents of the National Police have freed a victim of trafficking with intellectual disability that was being sexually exploited in Ávila and that, previously, had been captured in Romania by the method of lover boy after being deceived by a man 26 years older than her. The operation has culminated in the dismantling of an international network and the detention of three people in Ávila (2) and Romania, entering into preventive custody as the main responsible.

Violence if I did not look for clients

The criminal group It was composed of citizens of Romanian and Spanish nationality, All of them are dedicated to trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation in a hostess club in the city of Ávila. This network captured the young woman in Romania after being tricked by the «lover boy », taking advantage of the situation of extreme need and vulnerability suffered.

The agents have verified the difference in age with her collector since, when she was transferred to Spain, she was eighteen and he was forty-four which, together with his economic and social situation, made him easily fall into deception. Since her arrival in our country, the young woman has remained under the control of the network that exploited her in a hostess club.

The investigation revealed that the leader of the organization counted on the help of his niece, a woman who always accompanied the victim and acted as his controller, and with the manager of the club in which she was exploited that subjected the young woman to continuous threats against her and her relatives. In addition, they did not hesitate to use violence when they were not looking for clients at the club or when they sat on a stool without working.

A benefit of 6,000 euros in the last month

The agents have verified that all benefits were given entirely to the leader of the criminal group, detecting movements of money between the victim and the leader and locating monetary transfers that the young woman and her controller periodically made to her captor, about 6,000 euros in the last month.

After analyzing all the data collected during the investigation, the agents established the corresponding operative device and simultaneously arrested three people in Ávila (2) and Romania (1), achieving the release of the victim. The main person responsible was arrested under a European Arrest and Detention Order and has been remanded in custody.


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