Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Relay in Civil Protection for the management of ‘Gloria’

The revision of the Civil Protection management behind the explosion of the petrochemical of Tarragona and, above all, during the storm Glory It has culminated with a restructuring in the dome of this body of the Generalitat. The Official Journal of the Generalitat (DOGC) published yesterday the dismissal of the two deputy general directors of Civil Protection of Catalonia at the proposal of the general director, Isabel Ferrer, in a resolution signed by the secretary general of the Ministry of Interior, Brauli duart, on February 7.

The unemployed are Sergi Slim, which was the face visible to the media during the last emergencies that Catalonia has suffered. Delgado was the general director of Coordination and Management of Emergencies of Civil Protection. It has also ceased Núria Gasulla as deputy director general of Civil Protection Programs, a position she has held since last July.

Sergi Delgado will become the programs sub-director and Sonia Sánchez will be the new operational deputy director

Sources of the Department of Interior attribute the relief to a restructuring that has not yet been completed and that will lead Sergi Delgado to be appointed next week as the new deputy director general of Programes, while the deputy director of Coordination and Management of Emergencies would fall under the current one Head of the territorial service of Barcelona de Civil Protection, Sonia Sánchez. These same sources indicate that although Delgado leaves the position he has held since 2011, he will coordinate with the operational field given his experience and that Sanchez has only been five months as head of service of Barcelona.

Other sources in the same department say that the dismissals respond to criticism of the management of the storm Glory and also to the controversial episode of the sirens that did not sound after the explosion of the petrochemical of Tarragona.

Civil Protection has the aforementioned general sub-directorates. The one of Programes is mainly dedicated to elaborating protocols of action and its function is more internal. On the other hand, the Sub-Directorate of Coordination and Management of Emergencies is the one that works on the ground and the one that usually goes out publicly before the population in critical situations.

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