Rego (BNG) censors the “insufficient” increase in pensions and warns that it breaches the agreement between PSOE and Podemos

Rego has influenced, especially, in the case of pensions and in the “gap” that persists between Galicia and the State in this matter, with 543 euros of difference between Madrid and Ourense, the province that records the “lowest” average of the Spanish territory.

In this regard, he has lamented the missed opportunity to advance in the “recovery of the purchasing power” of pensioners at a time when Galicia continues with the “lowest pensions of the Spanish State” and to “end the discrimination” suffered by the Autonomous community, a matter of “justice.”

Similarly, the increase in the minimum wage approved also fails to comply with what the parties that make up the central government previously announced and, in the case of public employees, the improvement of their salaries will not serve “to recover the loss of purchasing power for years previous “, which only between 2020 and 2018 accounted for 13 percent.

“We believe that we must continue working so that the living conditions and rights are recovered,” Néstor Rego insisted, to justify the abstention during the validation of these three decrees in the session of the Congress.


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