Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Registered unemployment registers the worst month of March in five years and only falls in 33,956 people

Registered unemployment registers the worst month of March in five years and only falls in 33,956 people

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The registered unemployment in the offices of the Public Services of Employment It has only been reduced by 33,956 workers compared to the month of February, the lowest rate since 2014. In year-on-year terms, unemployment has fallen by 167,467 people in the third month of the year compared to the same month of the previous year, with a year-on-year reduction rate of 4.89%. Also in this comparison you can see the fall in the pace of unemployment reduction, the lowest since 2014 as well. Thus, the total number of unemployed has stood at 3,255,084. In seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment decreased in the same month by 12,692 people compared to the previous month.

In relative values, this decrease in unemployment is -1.03%. On the other hand, The average Social Security affiliation exceeded 19 million in March of affiliated media and reached 19,043,079 employed, the highest figure since August 2008 (19,137,556) and the best March since eleven years ago. Specifically, occupation in the month has grown by 155,104 people (0.82%), a figure that exceeds by 16,531 the figure registered in 2018 (138,573). In the last 12 months, the System added 541,489 members (2.93% more).

In any case, male unemployment has decreased by 1,338,897 people, falling to 21,328 people (-1.57%). The number of unemployed workers has been reduced by 12,268 people compared to the previous month (-0.65%), leaving the female unemployment register at 1,916,187. If the comparison is with March 2018, male unemployment falls by 115,223 (-7.92%) people, and the female unemployment is reduced by 52,244 (-2.65%).

Regarding young people, Unemployment of those under 25 has also been reduced by 1,661 people (-0.62%) in relation to the previous month, while the unemployment of 25 and more years decreases in 32.295 (-1.07%).

The number Total contracts registered during the month of March was 1,709,848, which means an increase of 63,002 over the same month of the year 2018. Of these, 179,821 were undefined contracts and 1,530,027 temporary contracts. On the other hand, the indefinite contracts, regarding the duration of the day, have been divided into 108,755 full-time and 71,066 part-time. The number of contracts concluded in February with women was 757,628 and they represent 44.31% of the total contracts registered that month.

Specific, the coverage rate of the unemployment protection system of the month of February was 61%, which represents an increase of 2.72 percentage points over the previous month. The high number of applications processed was 558,884, 7.3% more than in the same month of 2018.

Industry and Construction

By economic sectors of origin, registered unemployment has fallen in Industry by 4,000 (-1.41%); in Construction in 4,555 (-1,71%), and in Services in 32,401 (-1,40%). The increases were in Agriculture with 1,722 (1.12%) people and in the group Without Previous Employment in 5,278 (1.90%) more people.

Registered unemployment has fallen in 16 autonomous communities, mainly in Andalusia (-8,040), Comunidad Valenciana (-5,200) and Illes Balears (-3,364). The rise in unemployment is registered in La Rioja (119).


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