Reggaeton players Wisin y Yandel announce another world tour

The reggaeton player Yandel.

The reggaeton player Yandel.

The Puerto Rican reggaeton Yandel announced this Monday in Santo Domingo that will start a world tour with Wisin, in a new meeting of the duo that for more than 15 years became a benchmark of international urban music. "I will be about ten days in Dominican Republic and from here I go to MiamiUSA) to lock myself in a camp with Wisin to prepare our next single, "said Yandel at a press conference on the eve of the celebration of the Soberano Awards, in which he will receive an award for his career.

The singer of 'Una vez más' and 'Hastabajo le day', among other successes, affirmed that he and Wisin "have not stopped working", referring to the album they are producing and the tour they are planning. "We have everything prepared for that world tour (...) there is still much to prove, I am a warrior and after 23 years in music we are still playing in the street," he added. The interpreters, promoted at the time as "the duo of history", decided to take particular paths in 2013, but five years later they met in a tour which began precisely in the Dominican Republic, in the Altos de Chavón amphitheater, in La Romana (east). "I'm going to sing until people don't listen to me, I'm going to keep working and making music in the studio, I'll keep producing, if I don't do it for myself I'll do it for another artist, I'll always be in the environment of the music until God says, "said Llandel Veguilla Malavé, his first name.

Regarding the lyrics in urban music with explicit sexual content, Yandel said that "everyone" has his way of projecting himself and, although he assured that he does not need that style to attract an audience, he said he feels "respect" for whoever does it. . "There are people who work for them, they are looking for it, they are looking for the money to feed their family, at first they criticized us (him and Winsin) for using lewd words, in the end we decided to make a cleaner type of music to reach more public, "he added. In this sense, in these times people "are more liberal" because, in his opinion, he observes that the 'chamaquitos' (children) "hesitate" along with the family the lyrics of explicit sexual content.

Yandel said he admires the Dominican urban artist El Alfa, considering that he has represented the Dominican Republic "at world levels" in his genre. "They have also told me here that Rochy (the Dominican rapper Rochy RD) is growing in this country, I would like to do something with him (...) to see if we can work together, why not," he said.


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