October 26, 2020

Referents and beginners of video games are enhanced in Uruguayan event

International referents of the videogame industry, local developers and beginners seek to enhance their capabilities and exhibit their new products in the third edition of Level UY, the main event dedicated to the sector in Uruguay.

With a variety of activities, the Level UY event, which annually announces the heads of the Uruguayan videogames industry and international speakers at the Antel Telecommunications Tower, hosted its second day on Tuesday.

In that context, the secretary of the Uruguayan Chamber of Video Game Developers (CAVI), Rodrigo Alem Fernández, highlighted to Efe the news of the new edition, which featured the oratory of the Australian Kim Allot, the Swedish Vernon Vrolijk, the Mexican Adolfo Aguirre and the Brazilian Mayara Fortin, among others.

"This year we brought many international speakers (speakers) based on what the members of the Chamber were telling us. We did a little deeper investigation and we got speakers from areas that will give our partners a lot more," he said.

In that sense, Alem pointed out that this year it was sought to focus on areas such as marketing and public relations so that Uruguayan developers are more trained in how to sell.

"We are very good technicians, we do very good programming and very good art but sometimes it is difficult for us to sell ourselves, reach the client and be able to obtain these interesting negotiations in order to develop more as a company in itself," he said.

In the same vein, the Information and Communication Technologies specialist of the Uruguay XXI investment and export promotion agency, Isabella Antonaccio, said that this year it was sought to organize more workshops on how to position the video games already developed.

"There were several workshops with that approach and today we had the whole morning of the expo. We invited several studios, especially the little ones that are just beginning, to show their video games," he said.

In addition, Antonaccio, who recalled that Level UY emerged in 2017 from the hand of CAVI, Uruguay XXI and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of the country to position the Uruguayan brand with an event in the sector, highlighted the importance of the meeting to give a greater momentum to the newest in the area.

With this aim in mind, the awards of the national videogame industry, which provide an incentive for the big and small developers of the country, were given on the day.

Among the winners of this year's prize was version one of the video game "Aliensane" of the Qualit studio, a company that, according to its co-founder Martín Pérez, received the recognition with great joy.

Pérez explained that while Qualit mainly makes multiplatform games for mobile devices, with Aliensane, which has already launched its first version and is now going for a second one, a more innovative project was sought.

"Aliensane is a virtual reality shooter (trigger) that invites you to become the hero and save the world from an alien invasion. You put on your helmet, go through a brief introduction and quickly you will realize that everywhere, the 360 ​​degrees, begin to attack aliens of different types, "he explained.

To that he added that the new version of the game, which points to a global market and will work with the Oculus go viewer, will come out in 2020 if everything goes well.

"The award will allow us to work with more slack and more resources to reach 2020 with a product already launched in Oculus go stores," he concluded.

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