Referendum | Television | THE COUNTRY

Referendum | Television | THE COUNTRY

The third season of In the shadow (Sundance TV), the very entertaining French series that shows the ins and outs of politics, its betrayals, miseries and some features of greatness, also allows the Spanish spectator to analyze in himself and in the political class the hypothetical and metaphorical schizoid point that can and can have, or his absence, naturally.

Starting from the base that the sufferer has an altered perception of reality and that among the frequent symptoms are delusional beliefs and confused thinking, stand before a series that in which, in its new season, personal scandals threaten the President of the Republic to be thrown into the darkness of unemployment, which is naturally used by their political rivals and by those who act "in the shade", their image advisers and managers of their political campaigns. The President counterattacks by proposing a referendum that will allow him, if he wins, to consolidate his power and, in any case, to divert the attention of the media on his personal problems. The viewer begins to doubt what he sees: is it a series of fiction or a report on Catalonia? It is fiction, of course, the proposed referendum is carried out throughout the national territory and with all legal guarantees.

The plot of the third season recovers with more intensity the terrorist threat of the jihadists, on the one hand, and the work of the press with that double slope that characterizes it: the yellow denunciation of the questions related to what Cioran defined as the union of two drool (love) and its dignification as a public service by pointing out the corruption plots that arise between power and public works, something evident for the more and less obvious, for example, for former President Rajoy and his perception altered reality because explaining in Ecuador the reasons for his dismissal did not mention the ruling of the Gürtel case. It is evident that sometimes reality is more fictional than fiction.


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