April 10, 2021

Redmadre regrets that Spain devotes less than 8 euros per year to pregnant women

Redmadre regrets that Spain devotes less than 8 euros per year to pregnant women

The Redmadre Foundation has denounced that the aid received by a pregnant woman during pregnancy in Spain from all Public Administrations is 7.6 euros on average, which is 24% less than in 2016, when they spent 10 euros of aid on every pregnant mother.

This organization, dedicated to advise pregnant women at risk of vulnerability, today presented the "Map of Motherhood 2017", which includes the aid provided in the autonomous communities by birth and during pregnancy, as well as the rate of abortion , that elaborates this foundation taking into account the total of pregnancies and of births and that situates in almost 19%.

The report, which has been made by sending instances to communities, councils and municipalities requesting the data of the expenditure for maternity indicates that the total amount of aid in Spain total 36.3 million euros, of which 32.6 million are by birth and 3.6 million for pregnant women in vulnerable situations.

"The figures are devastating: less than 4 million euros for pregnant women, it makes me laugh and I do not think there is any policy of anything that spends less than that," lamented the director of the Redmadre Foundation, Amaya Azcona, who underlined that the "aid to abort" in Spain amounted to 34 million.

Galicia is the territory that in 2017 allocated more resources to pregnant mothers (1.9 million), followed by Madrid (400,000 euros), the Basque Country (350,000 euros), Castilla y León (277,135 euros), Castilla-La Mancha (274,511) euros) and Andalusia (254,715 euros).

The tail are La Rioja (15,000 euros), Melilla (30,923), Comunidad Valenciana (36,517 euros), Extremadura (47,000) and Baleares (72,000 euros).

Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, Catalonia, Ceuta, Canary Islands, Murcia and Navarre did not allocate any help to pregnant women last year.

The Redmadre report details that Galicia spent 88.49 euros of average aid per pregnant mother; Melilla, 21.22 euros; Basque Country, 17,06 euros; Castilla y León, 15.41 euros; Castilla-La Mancha, 13.88 euros; Balearic Islands, 5.39 euros; Madrid, 5.24 euros; La Rioja, 5.10 euros; Extremadura, 4.84 euros; Andalusia, 2.78 euros; and Comunidad Valenciana, 0.75 euros.

For the president of the Redmadre Foundation, Antonio Torres, these figures are "devastating and incomprehensible", for which he has demanded that the rulers "take out an effective support law for vulnerable pregnant women."

"When we speak of the law of support for motherhood, we speak of a positive law, that active measures are proposed so that no woman finds obstacles impossible for her. (…) A framework law at the state level that the communities will later develop ", Azcona detailed.

The presentation of this report was attended by the patrons of the Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón and Adolfo Suárez Illana Foundation, who agreed on this request for a maternity law.

"With motherhood and abortion many debates have been opened but they are others. (…) Today we talk about enabling the right of women to be mothers (…) I will not be the one who uses them, and many could be used, Sociological arguments, economic arguments, etc. of collective suicide that means for a society to renounce motherhood, "said the former Minister of Justice.

Ruiz-Gallardón has stressed that "there is no legal obligation" for all administrations to help pregnant mothers, so he has claimed "to take on that effort in general" through a law of maternity assistance that establishes that "This right can not depend on the municipality where the woman lives".

"From the responsibilities that I have just assumed, I am going to put all my effort, dear Alberto, I give you my word of honor, I can not promise and I promise that it is a bit hackneyed, that I am going to propose to my party to fight for a law of help to the pregnant woman that contains as many measures as are necessary to support the mother, "said Suárez Illana.


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