Red, the color of "fashion" in Latin American stock markets and Wall Street

Red, the color of "fashion" in Latin American stock markets and Wall Street

The stock markets of Latin America, like Wall Street, today had a difficult day in which almost all of its reference indicators ended up dressed in red, with the exception of Sao Paulo, which registered gains.

Indeed, the possible new increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the United States caused that at the end of the day the Industrial Dow Jones, the main indicator of the New York market, fell by 0.35% up to 25,706.68 integers.

Also the selective S & P 500 yielded a slight 0.03% and stood at 2809.21 points, and the Nasdaq technology index fell 0.04% to 7.642.70 units.

In Latin America, the biggest loss was recorded in Buenos Aires, where the Merval fell 2.41% and remained at 28,721.37, after business for 392.22 million pesos (10.83 million dollars), the same day in which it was learned that consumer prices increased 40.5% in September compared to the same month of 2017.

Mexico's CPI index stood at 47,887.95 units after falling back by 0.63%, after operations for 10,899 million pesos (about 578.5 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General yielded 0.36% and ended at 19,290.61 points, while transactions were carried out for 26,911,002 soles (about 8,076,531 dollars).

Colombia's Colcap index depreciated 0.18 and stagnated at 1,476.33 units, after transactions with securities for 367,699 million pesos (about 119.8 million dollars).

On the scale of setbacks, the IPSA index of the Santiago de Chile Stock Exchange was placed, yielding 0.7% with 5,140.53 points, in a business round amounting to 79,342,194,684 pesos (about 118.06). millions of dollars).

The Global Bonds of the Plaza de Montevideo fell by 0.09% and were placed at 105.71 integers, after an exchange of papers for 16,724,499 pesos (about 509,209 dollars).

The only happy chapter in today's trading session was written by the Ibovespa index on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, increasing 0.5% and closing at 85,763 units, after exchanging values ​​for 25,003 million reais (about 6,790 million euros). Dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +0.5% 85,763

MEXICO -0.63% 47,887.95

BUENOS AIRES -2.41% 28,721.37

SANTIAGO -0.07% 5,140.53

COLOMBIA -0.18% 1,476.33

LIMA -0.36% 19,290.61

MONTEVIDEO -0.09% 105.71


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