February 27, 2021

Red Cross serves more than a thousand young people in sexual vulnerability in the Islands in 2020

El Puntito is the name given to the Comprehensive Care for HIV-Positive People in Vulnerability Situation project developed by the Spanish Red Cross in the Canary Islands. This initiative, which is financed by the Government of the Canary Islands through the call for subsidies by the personal income tax, offers services for the entire Archipelago (although centralized in Tenerife and Gran Canaria).

The main objective is to promote a healthy and pleasant sexuality, prevent HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and attend to people who need help in relation to their sexual health, especially HIV-positive people in vulnerable situations.

During 2020 El Puntito has had a high activity. Proof of this are the data offered by his memory: 128 STI tests carried out, 27 sexual health talks given, 215 consultations attended on sexual information, 6,000 condoms distributed, more than 70 dissemination and awareness actions among information tables, social networks and media.


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