Red Cross distributes 879,500 kilos of food in the Canary Islands

This action will reach 20,262 people in the province of Las Palmas. / Red Cross

The initiative is part of the first phase of the FEAD 2022 Food Aid Program

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

Distribution has already started
879,500 kilos of food a
35,073 vulnerable people in the Canary Islands. The initiative is part of the first phase of the Food Aid Program for the most disadvantaged people FEAD 2022, launched from the local, regional and island assemblies of the Red Cross in the archipelago. For this purpose, the entity will count on the collaboration of
64 delivery partner organizations.

The Red Cross will be in charge, specifically, of 50% of the distribution of this program, together with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).

At the same time, the proposal is co-financed 100% by the Recovery Aid Fund for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe (REACT-EU), to increase support for the European Aid Fund for the most disadvantaged people ( FEAD), in order to address the situation of those who have been affected socially and economically by the
covid-19 crisis.

Distribution of food by islands

Under this action, in the province of Las Palmas, 516,657 kilos of food will be distributed, reaching 20,262 people. By islands, the distribution is as follows:

Province of Las Palmas

  • Gran Canaria: 278,938 kilos for 11,913 people

  • Lanzarote: 222,181 kilos for 7,491 citizens

  • Fuerteventura: 15,493 kilos for 858 people

In the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for its part, 362,843 kilos of food will be delivered to 14,811 vulnerable people. The distribution by islands will be made as follows:

Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Tenerife: 276,567 kilos for 11,327 people

  • La Palma: 66,090 kilos for 2,882 citizens

  • El Hierro: 12,833 kilos for 376 people

  • La Gomera: 7,351 kilos for 226 people

As far as the national territory is concerned, the distribution of more than 76 million kilos of food is expected to reach 658,685 people in this first phase.

The program

The FEAD Program seeks to alleviate the worst forms of poverty, providing aid in the form of food products and through social inclusion activities.

This year, moreover, it will be carried out in two phases, with which it is intended to reach 1,322 million beneficiaries throughout Spain, who will receive around 76.3 million kilos of food.

In addition to the distribution of food, the organizations involved will offer information on the closest social resources, prepared by the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda.

In the province of Las Palmas, 516,657 kilos of food will be distributed. /

Red Cross


It should be noted that, among the food products that will be distributed in this first phase, are: milk, olive oil, white rice, cooked beans, canned tuna, macaroni, canned fried tomato, cookies, canned vegetable salad, fruit canned, soluble cocoa and children's jars of rice with chicken and fruit for families with young children in their care.

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, through the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEGA), is responsible for the selection of foods that follow basic criteria of quality and variety, easy handling and conservation, long shelf life with a suitable format for the final destination of the food.

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