Rector of the University of Salamanca calls for strengthening bridges with Latin America

Rector of the University of Salamanca calls for strengthening bridges with Latin America

The rector of the University of Salamanca, Ricardo Rivero Ortega, asked today at the National Meeting of Rectors of Mexico to continue strengthening the bridges between Spain and America.

"We have to continue working in many aspects but the bridges are there," Rivero said during his conference at the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico City.

The rector put the focus on the historical and necessary relationship between America and Spain, especially in the field of higher education, which, he said, Mexico and Spain were the "root."

The connection between Mexico and Spain comes from centuries ago as is the case of Fray Bernardino de Sahagunto, a Spanish historian who studied at the University of Salamanca and who later moved to Mexico, where he died, to study indigenous Mexican languages.

He also explained what should be the basis of knowledge through the figure of this Spaniard who dedicated his 90 years of life to study, always keeping his vocation intact.

"We have to return to the base of higher studies, which is the creation of knowledge, we need the spirit of Bernardino de Sahagunto," he said.

For the rector of Salamanca, the biggest challenge of higher education in both Spain and Mexico, is to maintain the motivation of students and teachers and that, he said, can only be achieved with a successful education model.

"If the university does not achieve that their professors do not lose their vocation, it does not matter if they have 800 years," he added.

At the conference he also explained that there is a generational challenge, since young people are "smarter" every day, which increases the difficulty for adults to motivate young people.

Rivero considers that the fact that "the IQ grows exponentially" is very positive and is the result of the universalization of higher education.

To finish, the rector reiterated that the focus should be on America, on the bridges across the Atlantic Ocean "and on the students, always on them and for them".

"The Spanish education model has been shown to be successful, there is a lever that researchers have continued to study," he added.

The conference was part of the National Meeting of Rectors, which commemorates 500 years of shared history between Mexico and Spain and 800 years since the founding of the University of Salamanca.


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