Rectification of Santiago Royuela Samit

“My brother died in 1993. My father's first entry into prison took place 5 years later. The second, in 2008. Fifteen years is a long time for the journalist, after commenting on my brother's death, to dismiss both events with a simple "after", a term that the RAE defines as "behind" or "below". Another issue is why my father was condemned in the brazen way they did it, especially on the second occasion, where the investigating judge did not admit the evidence that arrived diplomatically and judicially from Venezuela, endorsed no longer not only with the signature of the magistrate who opened an investigation there but by an extensive Interpol report that blamed those who tried and convicted him in Spain, who were the same ones he had denounced.

In another paragraph of the article it is said that the courts that have had access to the handwritten notes that the Royuela File shows have considered them "false and untrue over and over again." Notes attributed to both the former prosecutor José María Mena and the rest of his collaborators were once examined by three accredited professionals in Madrid, Vienna and Toulouse. Why have these very complete expert reports been valued in none of the open judicial fronts? Why is Mena's handwriting untouchable in any judicial instance when there is full evidence that it is his? I have the reports mentioned at his disposal.

As for the paragraph that alludes to the "homemade explosive" that was placed in March 2001 at a Fermín Muguruza concert, when speaking of the "six years to which I was sentenced for terrorism", which in the end became a sentence for a crime of terrorism, was initially described as a simple "misdemeanor crime" by the prosecutor in person in the procedure, since the device (eminently "homemade" as the article specifies) was a mere "smoke firecracker ”, as reflected in the expert report, unable to cause any physical harm to the people who attended the concert.

Finally, say that Quanon-type "conspiracy theories", nothing at all. That in the "Royuela File" we are only for the truth contained in the thousands of handwritten notes that we possess, also assessed by experts and recognized professionals but whose dissemination, acceptance and processing represents a real taboo for police, judicial and media instances " .

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