Rectification of Cuida Care Marketing SL

"Cuideo does not hire freelancers nor does it encourage the hiring of freelancers via its job bank or in its own workforce. It only has employees under an employment contract.

On the one hand, Cuideo does not have false freelancers in its own workforce. All his workers, from 2017 to the present, are under employment contract.

Cuideo does not offer and has never offered, in particular since it came onto the market in 2016, paid (or free) courses so that candidates to be caregivers can register in its job bank.

Within the right of rectification, and without prejudice to the requirements of point 2, the published information has caused damage to the image of Cuideo, for this reason we require that you optionally publish the following additional information:

From 2017 to the present, Cuideo has not directly hired the people who are in its job bank, but, as any other personnel selection company does, it only offers candidates in its job bank to be caregivers of older people always to be hired directly by the families under employment contract (that is, as any personnel selection company does), in particular as a "Household Employee", under the mandatory regulations related to the Employee Agreement of the Home and the Special Regime of Employees of the Hagar. They are, therefore, the families, those who have just made the selection of the candidates and who hire them directly. Cuideo never hires them.

On the other hand, there is a small percentage of the caregivers that Cuideo has contracted directly to be able to perform SAD services (that is, home care compatible with the Dependency Law), which are not in the job bank or portal of employment. employment and none of them should register in said employment portal, since they are part of the Cuideo staff under the corresponding employment contract".

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