Recovers part of the money invested in New Year's resolutions

Recovers part of the money invested in New Year's resolutions


The third Monday in January, the next 21, is known as the "Blue Monday" for being considered "the saddest day of the year". The reasons for this sadness include the frustration of not meeting the objectives set for this year, as well as the economic difficulties due to the accumulated expenses. Many of these expenditures come from investing in New Year's resolutions, which sometimes wreak havoc on the current account. To find a solution, Legálitas provide some advice so that only objectives that truly make us happy and recover part of the money spent on the rest are chosen.

Be in shape

With the goal of improving fitness in 2019, it is likely that you have signed up for a gym or sports center. And if you realize that it is not for you? First, check the conditions well, be clear about what the contract says regarding the contracted fee. It is important to know that clauses with an excessive duration or that do not allow you to terminate the contract are considered abusive. On the other hand, Beware of paying unfair and disproportionate compensation, as in the case of contracts of successive tracts, those that are enjoyed and paid month by month or in longer periods of time, indefinitely. As a client, you must have the possibility to terminate the contract if you notify with the necessary notice, upon accrual of the next payment.

If you contracted the gym registration in early January by phone or online, you may be in time to rectify. The Law grants a withdrawal period of 14 days for the contracting of remote services, without any penalty or expense and even with the return of some material that you had purchased.

If it is legal for your gym to offer you a fixed-term contract when contracting the indivisible service package, for example, for the entire year, and that you accept when carrying a significant discount. The payment can be cash or in installments, but in this case it would not be possible to request the return of the money since it is a contract of a whole year. However, do not rule out the option of negotiating with the center any alternative, such as subrogate the contract to a third party to go in your place to the gym.

Eat better

If what you proposed was to cook or eat healthier, you may have bought or hired some nutritionist advice, utensil or appliance that you have not used. In the case of wanting to give up your purchase, you will have more options if it was made from distance. This type of purchase involves risks, and precisely because of that, the law will protect you more as a user. If the food processor, blender, juice extractor or any item that you bought remotely is in perfect condition, you have 14 days to return it. Otherwise, if you bought it in store, check the return policy or changes of the establishment, as they are not required to accept a change or return, but some include it as a courtesy to their customers.

Care in the case of food, such as shakes, prepared meals or food supplements, since the right of withdrawal does not apply with perishable products.

Find a partner

Finally, a common goal is to give a turn to your life at the beginning of the year finding a partner. However, perhaps the search has not worked and you want to focus more on other aspects of your life. Many "dating pages" offer payment options with "premium" features to improve service. To unsubscribe, it is recommended to do it through the same web page. In case of any difficulty, the experts of Legálitas advise to request the withdrawal by means of a formal complaint in writing to the administrator of the page. The best medium is a reliable one, like the burofax with acknowledgment of receipt. You can put the claim in the municipal offices of consumer information or, if it does not work, in the ordinary courts of justice.

Can you ask for your money back? In certain cases, yes. In a "dating agency" you may not have found anyone compatible. Compatibility tests are usually one of the obligations under contract of dating agencies through the internet. If the people proposed by the website do not conform to your profiles defendants after this test, we would be faced with a breach of contract. This is sufficient reason for the termination of the contract and that you return the money you paid.


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