Record of families with children cross the southern border of the US, according to a newspaper

Record of families with children cross the southern border of the US, according to a newspaper

A total of 16,658 people accompanied by their families crossed the US border in an irregular manner in September, which has been a historic record, The Washington Post reported today.

According to the newspaper, which cites unpublished official statistics, these figures, which include families with minors, represent an increase of 80% in relation to those collected in July.

The authorities do not usually reveal the total number of families that cross the limit, but the data they offer is that of people crossing accompanied by relatives.

Last August, family members who came to the US illegally they were 12,774, which meant 34.02% of the total number of immigrants that crossed the border, according to the data released weeks ago by the Department of National Security (DHS).

When asked by Efe, an official of the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), under the DHS, said that they are still working on the report on the month of September, and denied that the data offered by The Washington Post came from your agency.

The historic peak comes after the end of June, the US president, Donald Trump, decided, amidst numerous criticisms, to reverse its policies to separate families of immigrants on the border, a practice that took place since April.

The data comes in a context in which last Friday the newspaper itself reported that the Administration was considering re-separating immigrant families with minors, while waiting for the deportation process to be resolved.

Trump and his Cabinet have considered since its application that the separations of families would act as a deterrent for immigrants who seek to access the country irregularly and believe that it is necessary to tighten immigration policies to prevent them from entering.


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