March 9, 2021

Record attendance, octopus and beach at SonRías Baixas 2019 | Miss Festivals Blog

It has been three days in which Bueu, a small town of the Rías Baixas of about 12,150 inhabitants, It has tripled its population. In total, 22,065 people have approached from August 1 to 4 to this coastal municipality of Pontevedra to go to 17th SonRías Baixas, a music festival in which, among other groups, they were The sticker, The Wonderful Orchestra of Alcohol (The M.O.D.A), Boikot, Zoo or the Galician singer Sés. The attendance figure represents a record and slightly improves that of last year, when 21,800 people stepped on the contest and the SonRías, which is held in a one-hectare site located five minutes from the beach and the local bar area , almost doubled in size after 13,000 attendees in 2016.

The festival, which was born 17 years ago under the name of Troula na Banda on a public soccer field located in the heart of the town to give voice to emerging bands, combines music with gastronomy and the local landscape. The Banda da Río beach, which is about three hundred meters walk from the enclosure, was full three days – in all it was good weather -, and on Friday the festival held a tasting of femia ink from Morrazo in the Bueu shipyard . On Saturday he focused his noon menu on the native octopus: there was empanada, pizza, croquettes and octopus and clam fideuá while the Coruña singer María Xosé Silvar, known as Sés, and the local group Poetarras offered their concerts, both free and within the enclosure.

The town, which is already full of tourists in summer for its beaches and its privileged location on the Pontevedra estuary in front of the Illa de Ons – which is part of the Illas Atlánticas Natural Park – was overflowing during the festival. Hotel occupancy, according to the organization, was 100%, and bakeries, bars, supermarkets and other places in the municipality suffered queues every day. The economic impact of the contest is more than one million euros in the local services sector, according to the festival itself. In last year's edition, SonRías Baixas already left 1.14 million euros in Bueu – equivalent to 52 euros per person -, according to a study prepared by the Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais and the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The good data of the festival, which also featured this year with the performance of the Bosnian band of ska, rock and dub Dubioza Kolektiv, the rapper ToteKing or Galician groups such as Dakidarría, Nao Galiza or Som do Galpom, also affected the campsite: the organization He had to enable more space after Thursday 3,000 people filled the campground. In the next two days, another 1,500 attendees spent the night in tents. The 17th edition, which had a budget of half a million euros – in the first event, held in 2003, was 6,000 -, also featured on Saturday with the surprise appearance of Sabela, Galician former contestant of Triumph operation, during the concert of The Sticker. Together they sang Olivia, one of the best known songs of the album Eureka! of the Catalan band.

Full poster of SonRías Baixas

Thursday: Dubioza Kolektiv, Zoo, North Periphery and Nao.

Friday: Iseo & Dodosound with the Mousehunters, La M.O.D.A., ToteKing, Muyayo Rif, Nius de Nit, Hakuna Tanaka, Som do Galpom, Ambigüo.

Saturday: The Sticker, Sés, Boikot, Sigismundo Toxicómano, Dakidarría, Zea Mays, Ninhodelosrecaos DJ.

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