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(On the marquees of urban bus stops, an advertisement appears these days in which the following phrase stands out: “To change something, build a new model that makes the old one obsolete.” And another one attributed to the scientist is well known. Albert Einstein: "If you are looking for different results, don't always do the same thing").

A calm analysis of the call Reconstruction Tour of the bullfight (15 bullfights, 3 rejoneo shows and three bullfights, with four cattle per celebration, which are held mostly in third-class squares and broadcast by Movistar Toros), led by the Fundación del Toro de Lidia (FTL) , with the special collaboration of the television channel and the necessary contribution of the ANOET businessmen, the UCTL ranchers, the bullfighters, subordinates and swordmen, I could conclude that it rests on five postulates:

1.- This tour is a magnificent idea of ​​the FTL, well received by Movistar Toros, and supported by bullfighters, ranchers, businessmen. And its objective is laudable: recover third and fourth category places and offer opportunities to matadors and heifers next year.

2.- The project is magnificent, but its program and development can clearly be improved. It could have been done better, so much better.

The idea of ​​reconstruction has been decaffeinated by the bullfighters themselves

3.- From the above it can be deduced that the internal situation of bullfighting in the 21st century is very serious, much worse than one could imagine.

4.- The first beneficiary of the tour is Movistar Toros, which aims to stop the flight of subscribers and recover others in a season without the main course of the big fairs.

5.- Finally, is this tour interesting for fans? What are the attractions of the posters? Will it serve to rebuild?

Victorino Martín himself has clarified to this blog that the tour is an initiative of the FTL: "One of the many proposals of the foundation, which Movistar endorsed, because we do not want a leading role and the objective is that the projects are carried out ”.

Román, on September 24, in Cabra, in the first run of the tour.
Román, on September 24, in Cabra, in the first run of the tour.

The president acknowledges that the negotiation has been long and difficult "because what has not been achieved in 50 years cannot be achieved in one day": And he adds: "We have tried to unite the sector, explain to everyone the content of the project and look at towards the future".

Victorino Martín explains that 15 bullfighting figures have been chosen in order of the ladder, who, in turn, have opted for a herd and a partner; and that of the four bulls instead of six seems to be a requirement of the bullfighters, accepted by the others, since the matadors' emoluments will be reduced to expenses. And as for the chosen areas, he says that the objective is to recover the places of third, which, in his opinion, is one of the serious problems in the sector, along with the bullfighting.

- Is it true, president, that MovistarTV contributes two million euros, 95,000 euros for each of the 21 scheduled celebrations?

- “I can't say anything about that topic. All those involved have signed a confidentiality document that prevents us from commenting on the financial contribution of the television channel ”.

The first beneficiary will be TorosTv, a referent of informative darkness

And finally, he emphasizes that "the bullfighting festival is the only cultural industry that has launched a project to obtain funds for the recovery of the sector itself."

Despite all the criticisms that can be made to the Fundación del Toro del Lidia - many of them with good reason - it is, without a doubt, the last lifeline that bullfighting has to get out of the critical situation in the that is sunk.

And its president, a white blackbird, an honest bullfighter, seriously committed to the present and the future of the festival; perhaps, too condescending to politicians and excessively credulous, but an honorable and dignified man, the bullfighting representative with the highest social credibility.

These two premises are clear, because the idea of reconstruction the bullfighting party seems to have been decaffeinated by the sector itself, and especially by the figures.

The tour program can be clearly improved: that 15 bullfighters choose a partner and bulls and make up posters, most of them lacking the slightest interest, is a nonsense that confirms the sad suspicion that the bullfighters who occupy the top positions of the ladder live in a bubble , outside of reality.

If they believe that those bulls and those combinations are what the party needs for its reconstruction, it is because they are useless to face the serious problems of today's bullfighting.

On the other hand, the negotiation must have been exciting as unpresentable. Proof of this is that it began in March and ended just one day before the celebration of the first celebration of the tour, on September 24. And in view of the result, better not to think about the demands.

In other words: the internal situation of the party is much more worrying than it might seem: six months to launch the so-called Reconstruction Tour is reason enough to disqualify all its protagonists. Bullfighters, ranchers and businessmen have exposed the many miseries that bullfighting treasures.

Is this the unit the sector needs to stay alive in the midst of the current storm?

By the way, the first beneficiary of this project is TorosTv, a channel run by Ignacio Frauca, established on its own merits as a benchmark in news obscurity.

Already in April, when this newspaper published that MovistarTV proposed the celebration of bullfights behind closed doors in autumn, This blog tried, without success, to know the opinion of the head of the bullfighting channel. Frauca disappeared, to the point that his closest collaborators assured that they did not maintain contact with him and did not know the director's telephone number. Incomprehensible, but true. Showing one's face is, without a doubt, a sign of honor.

The pandemic left the bullfighting channel without content, and it was logical that it looked for a way to stop the flight of subscribers, who pay 20 euros a month to see the big fairs. Hence, in some way, he led the project of scheduling celebrations behind closed or open doors; and therefore the informative interest. But Mr. Frauca has preferred not to say good afternoon at all times.

Will the tour serve to rebuild bullfighting?

Here is the most important question.

Does rebuilding mean doing something new or going back to the normality of the past?

If the objective comes first, it is clear that these posters will not be achieved.

It would be necessary to return to the phrase of the ad on the marquee: "To change something, build a new model that makes the previous one obsolete." And it is clear that this touring model is an old acquaintance, which has given reliable proof of its nullity before the pandemic.

"If you are looking for different results, don't always do the same thing," said the German genius.

If what you want is to return to the normality of the past, the abyss is just around the corner.

If the smart thing is to turn crises into opportunities, the bullfighting party is faced with its toughest dilemma: really renew or die.


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