Recommend preventive measures to students returned to the Islands – La Provincia

The Ministry of Health, through the General Directorate of Public Health, informs about the preventive measures to be taken into account by students who return these days to the Canary Islands from areas where the cessation of academic activity has been decreed in all educational levels to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Madrid and the Basque Country have adopted reinforced containment measures, as areas of high transmission of the pathogen and some countries with high community circulation of the virus have been detected in their respective territories with a significant increase in cases of infection.

Given the foreseeable return to the islands of a considerable number of students who carry out their studies in those areas of the peninsular territory and in other countries, it is necessary to intensify preventive measures aimed at preventing the spread of the pathogen in the community.

In this way, the EU’s recommendations are followed, which advise focusing efforts on aggressively containing the virus, especially where there are still few cases, as is the case in the Canarian community. It is recommended that during the 14 days following their arrival on the islands, students avoid departures and close contact with other people, especially immunosuppressed and elderly.


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