Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Rebellion in hospitals due to lack of protection

CSIF warns of the flood of complaints from professionals, who refuse to care for infected patients due to not having the proper material and are threatened with files. Officials call for paralysis of non-essential activities in the country

The precarious protection measures with which health professionals are facing the coronavirus pandemic, which has turned the first line of combat into the most affected by infections, threatens to punish the government’s alleged inaction in court. In this sense, before the constant complaints of the medical personnel of the National Health Service, the union of officials CSIF has announced that it is studying legal actions and hundreds of complaints to the Labor Inspectorate or even to the Prosecutor’s Office, “So that they take letters in the matter in the face of the unprotected situation to which the staff of nursing homes and Health in many hospitals are exposed, who, forced by their superiors, must attend to patients with coronavirus without having the suitable protection materials, such as safe face masks, PPE or protective goggles ”. In a statement, the most representative union in public administrations, denounces that the lack of this material “is causing a large number of casualties among guards, TCAEs and nurses, doctors and, in general, of all the personnel who work in Health (maintenance , cleaning, administration) ”. In fact, and according to official data, Spain is today the country with the highest percentage of infected toilets, four percentage points more than Italy. According to CSIF, it begins to settle among health personnel a “rebellion” as many refuse to care for infected patients Due to the high exposure to the virus for having, for example, surgical masks, which do not prevent infection, and not with the corresponding FFP2. This situation is causing threats from superiors, who warn of the opening of files, according to CSIF. This division among professionals at the worst moment of the spread of the pandemic is reflected in the case of a medical chief at the Álvaro Junqueiro Hospital (Vigo), who has been dismissed after criticizing the lack of protection measures. The union has also denounced the action of the Minister of Health of the Valencian Community, who “in an unlikely appearance has held the professionals themselves responsible for their infections.” CSIF warns that it is tomando note of these middle managers and management teams to, when this crisis passes, report them to the relevant authorities and ask for its cessation for putting the health of the workers at risk.

These threats to open files are taking place in the Ramón y Cajal hospital in Madrid, in which a group of about 50 health workers, including nurses, TCAEs, caretakers and doctors, They have been planted before the middle managers, since they deny them the masks that are mandatory to care for infected patients.

Closing of non-crucial work activity

Likewise, CSIF has addressed a letter to the Ministry of Health so that the Government proceed to the closure of the work activity of all companies except those that by their activity are considered an essential basic service under the alarm state, to combat the pandemic. It is also claimed that workers who due to their professional activity must go to their job, are considered high risk and therefore immediately endowed with sufficient and adequate individual protection, paying special attention to healthcare personnel.


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