Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Reasons to invest in automation

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Much has rained since the first automobile factories began to automate the production processes, in the 1970s. Thanks to technological advances and the development of artificial intelligence, the robots Today they are much more advanced and accurate, being able to even work hand in hand with human beings, which multiplies the range of possibilities for its application in industrial plants. But this growing trend not only has implications for the second sector (the industry), but it can be an important opportunity for the investor who can appreciate its potential.

Space sponsored by AXA Investment Managers
Space sponsored by AXA Investment Managers

«Robotics takes time with us. It was introduced in car factories and aerospace plants in the 1970s. But what we are beginning to see now is the extension of the application of this technology to areas such as semiconductors, electronics, food, etc. What used to be a small segment has begun to skyrocket, ”he explains. TomRiley, responsible for the robotics strategy of AXA Investment Managers.

But the good thing is that we are still in the initial phase of this expansion process, so its growth potential is high. So while Automation increased at rates of five percent annually between 2005 and 2013, growing at speeds of 16 percent since 2014. And the trend could step on the accelerator even more. For example, the demand for robots increased in all industries in 2018 with the exception of the automaker, reaching percentages as high as 60 percent in the case of food and 50 percent in semiconductor and electronics plants . Looking ahead, it is estimated that only the industrial warehouse automation market could grow at rates of ten percent in the coming years.


But how does robotics help companies? Specifically, automation improves efficiency and reduces operational costs, increases process reliability, develops more sophisticated and delicate tasks, allows working in safer environments with human employees and monitoring the relationship with customers according with their tastes and preferences, to name some of their potential.

In what sectors? Beyond purely manufacturing environments, some of the segments in which there is more potential for this technological development are health and transportation.

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