April 18, 2021

Real Sociedad surpasses Athletic in the Anoeta derby | sports

Real Sociedad surpasses Athletic in the Anoeta derby | sports

In Donostia they asked for another rhythm. Not that they claimed Pérez Prado and his Mambo number 8, but a little more than vidilla. They thought that things were not going well, and that is why the leaders of the Royal Society decided to pay attention to the people; meet the requests. And they changed the rhythm. Against Athletic it was something else, finally the anthem sounded faster. The sound of the tamborrada is over, that allegro ma non troppo that bored the sheep.

The rhythm of the team is something else. It was still that tired, habitual occurrence in Anoeta, but in front of it was a dark gray Athletic that would have bothered him until a rival to the lame leg, come on, it did not seem like his day, and that the derby was played, where it is always settled something more than a football game.

Actually, in the San Sebastian countryside, the atmosphere was monocolor. In the stands, because the works were not sold to the rojiblancos, and on the pitch, because Athletic never felt comfortable against a more intense Real, ma non troppo, to which the sparks of Oyarzabal in the first part sufficed to scare the rojiblancos. At 11 minutes the Donostiarra appeared in the small area to scare Herrerín. Saved Yeray. Shortly after, the monumental empanada of Dani García throughout the first part, muddied Athletic. It was on a long ball that he lost sight while flying. Oyarzabal won the position from behind to stand before Herrerín, outsmart him and score empty. Willian José also had his opportunity minutes later. Iñigo Martínez, the player most hated by Anoeta, saved and sent to corner.

In the midst of the red-and-white bewilderment, paradoxically, Athletic's best chance came. San Jose, clairvoyant, placed the ball over the defense for the header of Cordoba that Rulli sent to corner. By that time, the game was already beginning to be adrift, but Athletic more. He conceded the second in a bad defensive rejection that Willian José placed in the squad. It was in the discount of the first part, when it hurts the most.

Garitano reacted by putting Raúl García and Beñat on the field, but his team did not. La Real started playing to the rhythm of their anthem – which was in effect until yesterday – but Athletic also. The second part was a filfa, a ballet without music, without coordination between the dancers. In theory, Athletic had the ball and Real defended, but it seemed that the ball had disappeared from the grass. Only a decision by Mateu brought the game to life. He scored a penalty in an air dispute between Raúl Navas and Iñigo Martínez. Raul Garcia launched it, Rulli deflected and the Atletico striker took the rebound to score. Ten minutes remained, the Athletic squeezed but did not pass the Real trouble, although the shadow of the tie flew over the stands, but little. Athletic was not there for heroics.

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