Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

Real Mallorca: Mallorca pulls the old guard | sports

“There are players with 400 games in the Second Division that do not even train in First. When I first loosen up at work I send him to take for c… ” The words correspond to Vicente Moreno, coach of Mallorca, who was hunted by a camera in a work session this preseason hard hitting the players. No fighter admits this fighter of the benches that has taken the island set of Second B to First Division in just two years. The warrior spirit of its coach and the core of players that initiated the double ascent adventure are the main virtues of a team that faces its return to Primera after a fairly busy summer. Moreno and his 11 survivors of the bronze category constitute the base. Mallorca, however, needed more to sustain itself in Primera.

The preseason has meant the arrival of up to 10 signings with no experience in Primera except Álex Alegría and Señé. The one of more amount the one of the forward Budimir, by something more than two million to the Crotone, of the Italian Series B. With a total expenditure of five million, technicians have done enough to try to mitigate the defects of the workforce. Alex Alegría should improve the lead, while former Febas Real Madrid player will push the midfield. In addition to the signings, Mallorca has opted for the continuity of three valuable elements in its structure. First with the renewal of the coach himself until 2022 before the start of the preseason. Then with the contract extension of Save Seville until 2021 and goalkeeper Manuel Reina also until 2021. At 35, Salva perfectly embodies the spirit of this Mallorca. He did not hesitate to sign in Segunda B until he reached Primera, where, predictably, he will once again be a decisive footballer.

The American investors who control Mallorca have economically stabilized an entity that six years later has returned to the elite with the unconditional support of its people. The 16,125 members have exhausted the quota of subscribers. An esteemed social mass that dreams of his team repeating the great successes achieved at the beginning of the century. It will not be easy. The first and only objective is permanence. The leaders have acted with austerity, without committing excesses and hoping that the continuity of Moreno's work will continue to bear fruit. A risky bet considering the high level of First.

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