May 10, 2021

Real Madrid – Valencia: "They have been our best 45 minutes of the season" | sports

Real Madrid - Valencia: "They have been our best 45 minutes of the season" | sports

The Bernabéu was not filled for one of the games with the best sign of the league season. The more than 10,000 empty seats denounced a climate of disappointment in the fans, confirmed by the whistles to Gareth Bale when he was quoted by the public address system. In the memory of the fans weighed more the memory of 3-0 in Ipurua than the gift of Fazio in Rome, essential to put the 1-0 that led to the victory in Champions. Against the pessimistic inertia, against Valencia a fighting Madrid arose. A team of renewed generosity that found its best exponent in Dani Carvajal. Completely recovered from his latest muscle injury, the right-back made an exhibition of everything you need to get out of difficult situations when neither the stands nor the game accompany.

There are instants that decide the fate of matches of uncertain meaning, which are the majority in this championship. One of those moments occurred in the eight minute. Modric focused at the far post and the defense of Valencia was disengaged. Where Garay normally had to be was Wass, who was surprised by Benzema, who received the shipment of Modric with his chest before finishing off. The ball would have gone by the baseline had it not been for Carvajal's stubbornness. The desperation with which he went to fight to recover that ball is part of the character. He does not train. There is no way to rehearse the conviction with which he tied the divided ball against Paulista. It takes a lot of class to get oxygen debt to that point and dribble on a tile to Gayá, who went to the cut. Carvajal put the center and Wass was self-made. The 1-0 cleared the hieroglyph of a game that until then was an enigma.

"I'm happy with the victory," said Carvajal, when leaving the field, at the Movistar + microphones. "Everything has been put together. The first part of us has been the best 45 minutes of the season. The team has been very good. Then they have not achieved the draw, and when they took a step forward to find the game they left spaces and we managed to finish them off ".

Caught at 1-0, Madrid managed the advantage, regained faith, eroded the confidence of the opponent and ended up playing the backlash to close what is probably the most complicated match that was left in 2018.

"The philosophy of the club is to sign young people thinking about medium and long term projects," said Carvajal, pointing out the contribution of Reguión, Llorente, Ceballos, and Valverde in the second half. "That has been seen today in a very young midfield. . I want to congratulate Marco Llorente because he has played a great game in Rome and against Valencia he has done it again ".

"We have made a very shabby first part", lamented the Valencianist Santi Mina. "Without personality, without depth … Everything has been missing. We have to learn. We can not go to a stage like that to give the image we gave. At the break we all get angry. We knew we were not doing the right thing. "

Marcelino, the coach of Valencia, noted that the key was in that goal triggered by an outburst of rage from Carvajal. "The goal itself has generated insecurity," lamented the coach. "It weakened us in every way because we came from a disappointment in Champions. Then I think we made a great second time. Except for the action of Bale in the shot at point-blank that for Neto, we have had the clearest chances of the game until 2-0. "

Solari replaced the injured Marcelo with Reguilón and Kroos with Ceballos. In the absence of Casemiro, again replaced by Llorente, the chained changes were vivifying. "They are the future of Madrid," said the coach, praising the contribution of the youngest. "It is a great satisfaction that players like Valverde, Reguilón, Vinicius or Llorente, who have left the quarry or Castilla, have flight hours in important matches of the League or the Champions League."

"I would like to repeat the first time more times," said Solari. "We were really good today and that is the merit of the players. Of course, youth gives energy and freshness, but it must be combined with the maturity, experience and know-how of other players. This year is like that. There are young people and veterans of a thousand battles. We have to find the balance to compete with this template and open doors for children who have to be the future. In big clubs it is important that the efforts required by the calendar be shared ".

Marcelo and Kroos are injured and are waiting for diagnosis

Santiago Solari had to improvise. This Friday, after the last training before receiving the Valencia, two players went to the infirmary. Two players of the first order in the squad capable of altering the operation of the entire team by themselves: Marcelo and Kroos. The Brazilian, according to the club, has muscular discomfort in his right leg and, in the absence of evidence, may suffer a relapse that would keep him during weeks of casualties after remaining out of competition throughout the month of October. The German suffers an inflammation in a knee and doctors must explore him to determine the severity of the injury.

It is not an easy season for Marcelo, who has already lost eight games due to physical problems so far this year and one more for rest. All of his injuries were muscular and the same pattern was repeated: the Brazilian reappeared and, as soon as he played a couple of games, he relapsed again.

More weird is that Toni Kroos is absent. Without the German and without Casemiro, everything indicates that Llorente and Ceballos will occupy the engine room. It was of them much of the merit of cutting the attacks of Valencia in the first part. Every time Parejo, Soler or Mina made progress, the Real Madrid midfielders cut the pass lines, anticipated or closed the spaces between the lines, making it unbearable to cross the midfield for opponents.

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