Real Madrid: The problem is CR, not Lopetegui | sports

Real Madrid: The problem is CR, not Lopetegui | sports

In the orbit of Florentino Pérez, twelve coaches after also the twelfth is about to merge in just nine days. Of course, maybe, just maybe, he has some reel for two reasons. The first, paradoxical: the fall of Messi in the classic less classic in a decade – without Leo and Christian – would be a bullet for Julen Lopetegui. If he arrives at the Camp Nou, he will do so with the most equal forces. Of course, the same can think of the headquarters if they envy with an interim. Another aspect can delay, unless extraordinary rebound, his imminent sentence. If with the summer market of June opened wide the Basque was a very secondary option in the oval office of Chamartín, now unemployed technicians do not abound with pedigree. Neither in Valdebebas there is a Zidane of so much grounds with which to shield itself before the fans and to clear the tribulations of the dressing room. A template to which the march of CR he has left both sporting helplessness and futuristic restlessness: how can one be sure if the same star felt that he had to emigrate? Do you really believe in us or Neymar, without four European Cups, is to come with a single and exorbitant salary?

It is shocking that the Real Madrid bench supposes a greater headache for the rectors than the template score. To alleviate the unexpected and full-fledged Zidane's plan, a hostile bid had to be launched on the Red to urgently affiliate Lopetegui, since more than one technician previously probed followed the example of the French coach. "If Zidane has not been heeded …", he must have thought more than one. No Lopetegui, so fascinated with Madrid that he did not notice that it would mean leaving the Red by the gatera. So seduced that the Basque did not evaluate that they were about to fly CR and a backpack with 50 goals per year.

Without Neymar in sight, as the coach may have assumed, he found himself face to face with reality. As it is difficult to give Madrid a slamming of the Zidane, Lopetegui was able to relieve ZZ. But it is hard to believe that he really suspected even remotely that the CR crater would have consolation with an amendment by a porter (Courtois), a side in projection (Odriozola), a fellow (Vinicius) and a repatriate last minute (Mariano). It would have been too much for ZZ and seems to have been too much for Lopetegui. As it will be for those who inherit a Barça without Messi whose management believes they can patch their absence.

Given the Madrid nomenclature is not enough to be a qualified coach, as is Lopetegui. It does not work with an empolle cum laude in tactics, physical preparation, management of navels … It is not enough to have congeniado with the captain in times of Spain or to have lived with international boys at your orders as cadets in the lower selections or already graduated in the absolute. A technician from Madrid, from this Madrid, is obliged to assume a trinitarian role. It must enshrine their ideas, those of the wardrobe and, most importantly, those of the highest authority, which can be guided by their own beats as well as by the financial and commercial interests of the institution. And you can not always discern one from the other.

Presidential hat

Bale is much more than his exceptional ailments. Benzema transcends his indolent spells. Vinicius is, and not to come. Just as Courtois did not come for Keylor to shade him, Modric can not escape the Golden Ball, Asensio is a strategic pillar and Kroos a captain general. So complex is the Florentine that after 15 years of management there is still no way to portray his preferred profile of technician. Voluntarily or involuntarily, those who won (Del Bosque, Ancelotti, Zidane), those of the house (Camacho, López Caro, García Remón), a student of Alex Ferguson (Queiroz), a graduate of the Brazilian school (Luxembourg), came out a methodical brainy (Benítez), a gentleman (Pellegrini) and even someone with a messianic finger for his many parishioners (Mourinho).

No, the problem is not Lopetegui. Simply, that's the way Madrid is. And more now that a sidereal siege has been launched: return to the top with 50 fewer goals. Maybe the president will see himself with a hat, but there is no Lopetegui or ZZ that can overcome such an abyss. The dilemma is CR, not Lopetegui. Although there are those who prefer to get a goal in their own door while saying: it is Madrid, without more. Because if.

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