Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Real Madrid: Ten centimeters of offside

Real Madrid: Ten centimeters of offside

Madrid is angry with the VAR because it does not understand the decisions that are taken from the room of the arbitration videos. The penalty against Vinicius against the Real outraged the white club and the goal of Canales has again angered the Bernabéu team. They do not understand that after using the VAR it was not out of the game.

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Canales receives the ball offside for very little, by 10 centimeters impossible to see for the human eye, but they could be analyzed by the new video technology. But it is that the VAR lacks sufficient capacity to analyze plays like that, in which accuracy is essential to analyze the plays and check whether Canales started in a legal or illegal position.

However on Twitter they are able to draw lines to determine exactly a play as controversial and as complicated as that lived in the Villamarín.

But Madrid believes that controversial VAR decisions always go against him. And more in this case when the referee had called out of play at the line indicated, which raised the flag as soon as Canales scored the goal.

The referee annulled the goal, but then the VAR indications arrived, the hand in the ear, the complaints of the soccer players and the suspense to which the world of soccer has already become accustomed. And then, the referee made the image of the television and gave the goal. Although it was not.


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