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Real Madrid: Solari: "Benzema has hands on his feet" | sports

Real Madrid: Solari: "Benzema has hands on his feet" | sports

Florentino Pérez, president of the Madrid, went down to the locker room to congratulate his team for the victory achieved in Benito Villamarín. A triumph achieved with verdiblanca blood, as Dani Ceballos, Betis youth squad, made the final goal with six minutes to go. Received the cry of "comepipas", the midfielder was somewhat nervous to attend the media rights right after the game. "They are three points that we know gold, very successful. I wanted to vindicate myself, "said Ceballos, who referred to the goal scored before his team. "I had it clear and I knew I was going to put it. I told Sergio Ramos and I told Casemiro to put himself on the barrier. I saw the hole and put it in, "said Ceballos. "Unfortunately it has been a goal", Ceballos commented, annoyed with the reception of the Betic fans. "I did not expect this reception. I grew up here and yes, we won, but I leave with a bittersweet feeling because I do not have the affection of my people, "said the Madrid midfielder.

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"We have a broad template. It is difficult to play in Madrid and the one who does not play is not happy. But it is time to work and talk little, "said Ceballos. "I do not think we're ruled out in the fight for the league. It is true that the leader leads us 10 points, but there is a lot left. Now we have to focus on the Cup and then the League. I, and I think the whole wardrobe, thinks that we have to keep fighting in the three competitions we have, "concluded the Madrid midfielder, who was criticized for what was his hobby.

"The value of this game is the three points and keep cutting with the top," said Santiago Solari, Madrid coach. "I like the courage young people have offered, who have lived up to the circumstances. It's good news for us, "said Madrid coach, who was questioned by the substitution of Isco and Marcelo. "There is nothing personal, really, this is a team and we all want to do our best," said Solari, who referred to Benzema's injury. "Let's see, he has a fracture in his little finger. The doctors will have to talk, but I hope to have him in the next meetings. Benzema has hands on his feet, "added the Madrid coach, who ended his speech referring to Dani Ceballos:" Ceballos takes Betis in the heart. It is something exciting this sport, which has these things. It is the law of the ex, which always ends up hurting. These are the beautiful things in this sport. "

"We were surprised that Madrid played with five defenses. Then we knew how to redo and we won the draw. We have to improve those losses that have caused Madrid's goals, "said Quique Setién. "We may lack a goal, if we had strikers who scored 10 goals each, we could be the first," said Setién. "Maybe I could have put more strikers in the final stretch, but I think the team was playing very well," the Betis coach concluded.

"It is possible that in the second half we have gone far back, but it was a complicated game and I think we have taken three very important points," said Fede Valverde, who enjoyed a clear chance in the first half. . "I was in a good position and I wanted to leave Benzema, but I did not arrive and we lost a good opportunity. It was a match to fight because we knew that Betis was going to have a lot of the ball, "added Valverde, who was asked about the absences of his teammates Isco and Marcelo. "A lot of me have to fight every chance to play. He has played young people and I think we have been up to date in a difficult match and on a stage like this, "added Valverde.

"They have won a lot more than they deserved, in the second half we have been much better than Madrid, the line to follow is this, we played very well except for the first 30 minutes," said Betis center-back Bartra. "It's the first time I see Madrid with a defense of three, but we have overcome it, it has not been something definitive," added the defender, who said Vinicius insulted him and called him "son of p ..".

"We have been very superior to Madrid, we missed a great opportunity, we went for the game and we were very brave, the costumes are hurt by the result, but satisfied by everything else," he said. Joaquin. "Dani's thing is difficult, I may not like it, but I always left an open door with Betis because I knew he was going to come back," said the Portuense in front of the fight with which Ceballos was received by the Betic fans. .

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