Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

Real Madrid signings. The transfer that closes the door to Keylor Navas

Lunin is already in Valladolid to sign with Ronaldo's club. The young Ukrainian goalkeeper will be assigned by Real Madrid in search of minutes, which he did not have in Leganés. The goalkeeper is a bet for the future of the white team and rang to be second goalkeeper this season with Zidane on the bench, but as Keylor Navas stays, the white goal is well guarded with that of Costa Rica and Courtois. This means that it closes the door at an exit from Costa Rica.

With Ronaldo in charge of Valladolid, the relations between both entities are excellent. Ronaldo Nazario is a recognized Real Madrid player and knows well how the club works and what players he can ask for. After saving himself at the end of last season, the Valladolid club's project is to take a couple of steps in Primera and live a quiet campaign. To strengthen and increase its competitiveness has looked at Real Madrid. He knows that he has young soccer players, that they need minutes and that they don't seem to have them this season.

Lunin is one of them and Kubo seemed to be the other, but that hasn't been launched yet. The young Japanese footballer is one of the great novelties of the white team, the player who has aroused the most this season, but does not seem to have a place in the first team of Zidane. His site, after the last friendly, looks like it was going to be Castilla de Raúl, so a transfer to a team of First and where it can be developed, such as Valladolid, is one of the options that most liked within the white dome But that will have to wait.

The exit of Lunin closes the door to any possible movement of Keylor Navas. The Costa Rican said goodbye to the Bernabéu in the last match of the previous League, but then returned to the first team training normally and has played very well some friendly. However, his name always came out when talking about discards or barters of Real Madrid players with other teams. Zidane trusted him and he believes he may have some chance if he continues. There was talk that the PSG could be one of its destinations, but now that option is almost ruled out. Madrid has no more goalkeepers and the French club is not interested in players, at least for now. Lunin leaves to return and Keylor starts the season fighting with Courtois to start at Real Madrid

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