March 4, 2021

Real Madrid sells another footballer for 45 million

Kovacic will remain at Chelsea, where he has played on loan this season. Madrid and the English team have reached an agreement for the transfer of the player for 45 million euros. He wanted to stay there because this season he had minutes and Zidane did not have him or thought of him as a starting midfielder. In addition, the white club knew that he could get money for the Croatian.

With the 40 million that Atletico paid and the 45 that Chelsea has paid for Kovacic, Real Madrid already adds 85 million in sales of two players. The plan of the white set is to accelerate the departures so that within a week, Zidane returns to work as light as possible of luggage.

Kovacic came from Inter with 21 years, with the idea of ​​being a footballer who gave the relief to Modric. It cost 30 million and although it has not given the measure that was expected of him, Madrid has obtained a profit of 15 million. He was a midfielder converted to midfielder and with Zidane he sometimes played midfielder.

He was a player with a lot of driving ability, but who had trouble playing in more delayed positions. Darling in the dressing room because of his capacity for effort and because he allowed others to rest.

Now, Real Madrid will continue with the exits and will have to continue insisting on the arrival of a midfielder.

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