July 30, 2021

Real Madrid: Real Madrid crisis does not save

Real Madrid: Real Madrid crisis does not save

Real MadridTOFlorentino, Lopetegui and the players, all drawn

Lopetegui spoke of tranquility, that we are still in October, and it is true. But you can not be calm when you have 6 hours and 49 minutes without scoring, when you have won four straight games, when you add your fourth defeat in the little season (European Super Cup with the Attalico, Sevilla, Moscow and Vitoria) .The alarm has sounded at the Bernabu. The parn (Madrid does not return to play until Saturday of October 20 against Levante) be longer than ever. The crisis is evident and several causes are announced, nobody is saved.

The mad start of the season of Real Madrid is the result of asports planningin the disparate.Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer, top scorer in the history of the white club, a player with an average of more than one goal per game, with which you started by winning 1-0 …"The sun can not be hiden with a finger", what Keylor said. The shadow of the Portuguese star is very long. And for Cristiano has not arrived the expected Neymar. The 7 is carried by Mariano.

Another season andReal Madrid has weakened its workforce, with less potential than a season ago. And let's not say that two years ago … They are no longer Pepe, James, Morata, Kovacic or Cristiano. Lopetegui has what he has and in Vitoria, before the injuries of Benzema and Bale, he ended the attack withAsensio, Mariano and … Vincius, the Brazilian for which they paid 45 kilos and who had to give him cooking time.

However,Lopeteguiassumes guilt and throws it all:"I am the main responsible", said after the defeat in Mendizorroza. His team is already part of the black history of the club as the second team with the longest time without a goal, with the sixth worst average scorer of a season start (only 17 goals in 11 games). The Real lost in Moscow after too many chances thrown away, after sticking three times with the clubs. But in Vitoria, he could not hold on to that. And there come theplayers, of course, they are the ones who play, who are the ones who have to finish with the drought of goals and the lost illusion.

Of Pacheco a good stop is remembered to Ceballos and little more. Real Madrid was more predictable than ever, less profound. The Alavs aguant the laziness of his rival and won in the last breath. Madrid almost did not arrive nor was it expected.Benzema and Balethey fell for injury, but they did not offer signals either. Some of the gals, none of the French, whohas already seven matches unmarkedand his face is the mirror of the team's soul.

Lopetegui is also not accompanied byinjuries, we must also say it. I lost Benzema and Bale during a game in which they were notCarvajal, Marcelo and Isco, three vital players in the game of Real Madrid, players who shake a team, which makes it unpredictable.

Many reasons and a doubt in the environment that is no longer so. Real Madrid does not work and can not begin to fix it for two weeks.In three, visit the Camp Nou. And in the street is already the debate of whether Lopetegui is the ideal to end the crisis.


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