January 26, 2021

Real Madrid. Mbappé says no to Madrid

Real Madrid. Mbappé says no to Madrid

Mbappé is not going to be a Real Madrid player next season. Unless you change your mind from here to summer, but right now it is very clear that you stay in PSG. "There are many people who doubt, but I will continue trusting in this project. I will continue here, that's for sure. Despite the defeat, even before, I knew I was going to continue here "said the French striker.

It is one of the stars of football, perhaps the player with the greatest projection and Madrid had already shown interest in him. Last summer he was told not to talk, the French negotiated. This summer has yet to be seen, but right now Mbappé seems to be clear.

Not even defeat in the Champions League has made him change his mind: "I'm stunned, I have not been able to sleep, it's difficult, we've worked hard to get to this moment, we're disappointed, we've ruined the party," he said.

The Champions were the great desire of PSG, but for the third consecutive year has fallen in the eighths unexpectedly. That could make Mbappé look for a team with which to continue growing and none better than Real Madrid.

But, according to his words, that will not happen.


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