August 3, 2021

Real Madrid: Lopetegui is not in danger … at the moment: increasingly questioned

Real MadridTOA short-term reaction from the squad is expected from Real Madrid

Florentino Prez did not dissimulate the anger with the experience in Mendizorroza when he went down to the dressing room.

Theoptimistswithin Real Madrid look at what happened last season whenthe Zidane team passed over Barcelona and Manchester United, but the negatives remember that summer came from the hand of two titles (the two Super Cups) and this has come with adefeat in the backpack against the Attico in Tallinn.

Uncertainty and nerves have appeared. Those who saw the faces of the dressing room of the white leaders in Vitoria can not deny it. For the moment,Julen Lopetegui is not in danger, butthere are many voices that are already asking for a change. There is no possible scenario for now, butthe confidence in the technician has fallen to unsuspected limits.

The problem they encounter when analyzing the current situation is thatdo not find a point of inflection in which to hold on as a table of salvation so that everything returns to normal. Do not believe in the drastic measures and less in the month of October, but the term does not go much further if there is no reaction of some kind.

In that review of the situation they makethey do not remember those who left (Zidane and Ronaldo) and those who did not (Neymar). They think thatthe template gives to fight for the titles, although the same debate has been installed last season at this point, which is none other than that ofreinforce the team in January.

The technical reports point to this as a need. There is talk of aleft-back, center, midfielder and striker, but that amplitude of movements corresponds more to the summer than to a January that by the Bernabu is not very well seen, but the necessity and the urgency tightens.


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