Real Madrid – Levante: Ramos: "To change to Lopetegui would be a bit of an advantage" | sports

Real Madrid - Levante: Ramos: "To change to Lopetegui would be a bit of an advantage" | sports

"The dynamics are breathtaking," he said. Julen Lopetegui, cryptic and without blinking. "Football has been unfair to us."

As if he began to get used to the speeches in traumatic situations, the Madrid coach articulated the same reasoning that he has been issuing for a month, but in a more convincing way. More sure of himself, more serene, man has acquired experience of crisis. It came from accumulating his fifth game without a win and his third straight loss, after falling 1-2 against Levante, but was less decomposed than after the 1-0 in Moscow or the 1-0 from Mendizorroza. Undaunted and firm, he assured that his team did everything right except to get the definition right, praised the statistics of the shots (34 in favor) and attributed the defeat to "misfortunes" and "strange situations".

"We have shot 35 times on goal and they have annulled us two goals ", said Lopetegui, who passed the game protesting decisions to the fourth referee. "We have shot 34 times, 15 at goal. The team had to rebuild. We have created innumerable occasions. One has entered … The only thing the team can do is change dynamics. That happens by hitting the opposite goal. "

Lopetegui, who bears the responsibility in his strikers for not specifying the occasions that, in his opinion, the game produces, which is his part of the job, counts as occasions the run-over shots, in montonera, at the exit of balls hung to the pot . Of those there were many. But Madrid could only score once the modest Levante and went to the counterattack. Marcelo scored and ended the second longest scoring drought in the club's centennial history. After eight hours, 481 minutes, of hardship. For a flawed error of the rival. Taking advantage of Campaña, the midfielder who was driving the ball only while four of his Levante teammates were deployed to the attack, handed the ball by mistake to Lucas Vázquez. From the counterattack that ensued, with the opposing defense limp in retreat, a goal arose that did not stop the collapse. It is the worst run of Madrid results since 2009, when Juande Ramos was provisionally in charge of a project in crisis.

Lopetegui: "We have thrown 34 times and we have created countless times, the dynamic is amazing, we just need to get it right"

A year ago Paco López trained in the Third Division. This Saturday at noon the coach of Levante was the commander of a perfectly executed plan by his players. Even in defense. Because Madrid was unable to penetrate the local defensive barrier when it was well placed. "The goal was made against the backlash," said the coach; "When Campaña had a lot of time to think about his pass, in a situation that does not usually fail, when we were deployed to the attack".

The overall statistics of the League (happened against Espanyol, Leganés and Girona) indicate that Madrid does not create clear chances, unless the opponent falls into a mistake of bulk. But Lopetegui used other statistics. "It is clear that we have not deserved to lose," he lamented. "But football is not earned by merit. Football is sad knowing the injustice of football with us. "

The president, Florentino Pérez, went down to the dressing room after the defeat and met with the coach and the players. When Ramos left the field he stopped to answer some questions before the press. They asked him if he still thought that, as he said two weeks ago, throwing the coach was "crazy". The captain, this time, was less blunt: "Coaching changes are never good for a group of players; changing to Lopetegui would be a little bit of an advantage from my point of view. But it is not a decision that competes me. The only thing I can say is that Julen has the backing of the locker room. "

Paco López: "Madrid has only scored against us, after Campaña made a mistake with our team deployed to the attack"

Florentino Pérez has employed several people from the club to poll the opinion of the most veterans. "To me, if they ask me for an opinion, I give it," said Ramos. But such an important decision within the club does not depend on me or any player. Before making a decision, he asks himself, if he later has an influence or not, I do not know that. "

Ramos spoke and was seconded by Marcelo, the second captain, who decided to attack the media. "To ask a striker and talk about the lack of goals is very unfair," the Brazilian complained to a question from the BeIN Sports reporter. "We do not fear for the position of Lopetegui. We are to death with him. He tells us things clearly. "

Apparently, Marcelo is upset that the media report on everything that says Lopetegui, which puts the accent on the lack of goal, or filter the club, which shuffles solutions that happen to sign a new coach or an attacker before of Christmas. "That signing seems unfair," he said, blaming the press, "as you have done with Benitez. I do not think it's cool that they do not let the coach work and that we say we need strikers or a new coach. "

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