Real Madrid: Kroos also injured

Real Madrid: Kroos also injured

Grade II break in the left adductor says the Madrid statement on Toni Kroos, who joins the long list of Madrid injured. Asensio, Bale, Marcos Llorente, Mariano and now the German midfielder make life very difficult for the Solari team, which can barely make rotations for this month. Madrid play on Wednesday against Leganés the first leg of the Cup eighths, then the weekend in the field of Betis, then again against Leganes and the next weekend receives Sevilla. And if it goes through Cup eliminations, it will play again during the week. With the losses, he has hardly any players to throw away and Ibrahim may have to make his debut much earlier than expected.

The physical condition of the players is one of the problems that most concerns the club, which considers it the main reason for the bad season in the European Champion League. To the low form of soccer players like Modric or of alarming way, like Marcelo, the problem of the injuries joins now. Asensio had to take shape and win the place in this month of January, in the Copa matches, but he will not be able to. Bale had to be decisive and has no continuity due to injuries. Mariano had to give some rest to Benzema, who is making an extraordinary physical display every game and there is no striker to replace him. Marcos Llorente was the perfect relay for Casemiro, who has returned from his injury and is not at his best, but fell when he was better in Madrid. And now Kroos, who also needed minutes to catch his best form.

Without him in the field, the most natural option is for Isco to play, but we will have to wait for decisions that Solari makes with the player. It seems clear that Bale's fall will be replaced by Vinicius. But the position of Kroos is more similar to that of Isco, who has already played as an interior several times. Another option is Ceballos, or one that has Brahim.


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