April 20, 2021

Real Madrid knock down Fenerbahçe and qualify for the ‘playoffs’

An image of Fenerbahçe - Real Madrid.

An image of Fenerbahçe – Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid signed his qualification for the ‘playoffs’ of the Euroleague by overcoming (67-93) the Fenerbahçe on the last day of the Regular Phase, where those of Pablo Laso ended the agony to store the calculator with the goal accomplished on the horn.

The 10-time European champion had to suffer more than ever, at least in the Laso era, to certify his presence in the quarterfinals. He did it this Thursday on the last day, in Istanbul, and thanks to Nicolás Laprovittola (18 points and 10 assists), Fabien Causeur (20) and Gabriel Deck (19 and 4). The Whites were serious on defense and scored 19 3-pointers to the 5 for the Turks.

The Spanish team depended on itself and did not fail at Ulker Sports, tying one of the two passes that were left open to fight for the ‘Final Four’. Laso’s men entered with everything and achieved a mattress that would give calm and security for the second half. Without Alocen due to injury, Laprovittola was perfect as a guide.

In addition, Laso recovered Llull, back more than a month later, and also pulled Abalde in that direction of play. The Argentine guard was one of the best of Madrid, with Causeur and Thompkins, in a threat to break the game already in the first quarter (7-23). The Spanish team dominated all facets, inside and out.

Llull returned plugged in but Madrid rushed spurred on by his own success. The visitors rush, finding their rhythm of yesteryear, were counteracted by the local calm to return to the meeting at the hands of De Colo and Brown, with Fenerbahçe rushing to be one of the first four. The French star was met by Causeur’s French response and Llull’s triples.

With the 26-44 against it was Brown who was intoned with the innings to the basket. Madrid lost internal dominance and, except for Abalde, he did not continue his streak of three in the face of a second half still open (36-49). The problems to win on the inside continued for Laso, with the third early foul by Tavares and a Tyus of more to less. In the Turks, De Colo was the solution again.

The Frenchman scored 12 points in a third quarter that reached Madrid’s throat (50-58). Laprovittola returned to breathe and also executed the final blow at the beginning of the last quarter (57-78). The whites took the maximum income of the game passing the twenty with a zafarrancho in the triple with Laprovittola and Deck, and Madrid ended the agony waiting to know their rival in the quarterfinals, that this will not be the Barça.

Data sheet

Outcome: Fenerbahçe, 67 – Real Madrid, 93. (36-49, at halftime)

Fenerbahçe: De Colo (23), Pierre (4), Guduric (7), Barthel (2) and Duverioglu (3) -initial quintet-; Brown (16), O’Quinn (6), Sipahi (-), Eddie (6).

Real Madrid: Laprovittola (18), Taylor (1), Deck (19), Tyus (4) and Tavares (6) -initial quintet-; Llull (8), Rudy Fernández (6), Thompkins (6), Causeur (20), Abalde (3), Garuba (2).

Partial: 11-23, 25-26, 21-18, 10-26.

Referees: Lamonica, Panther and Majkic. Without eliminated.

Pavilion: Ulker Sports.


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