Real Madrid is looking for a nine, but the holder will be Benzema

Real Madrid is looking for a nine, but the holder will be Benzema

Zidane is not sure how to say "pull the car" in French. It is bundled with its two languages, but it is very clear that Benzema is the one who pulls this Real Madrid. He is one of his men, now and also as part of the project that will begin as soon as the seven remaining games are over.

The Frenchman is fixed in the future of Real Madrid, and Madrid debates whether to look for a nine that I fought the ownership or a striker striker to replace him. When the season ends, the club will decide.

While he has Karim, who is the best of a team without motivations to hold on to. A cold and distant guy who has become a leader now that Cristiano is not there and the "situation is complicated", as his coach repeats every day. Another two goals from Karim, with a pair of heads inside the area in the style of Santillana, took Real Madrid out of another mess. Because there will be nothing at stake, but nine days without a match after two consecutive defeats there is no Zizou to resist them. Luckily for the technician, one of his rights eyes came to the rescue in a second part drinking taking into account the first. "He gives us many things and, this year, especially goal. He plays the team as he wants, it's spectacular. He's living one of his best seasons and that's good for us, "said Nacho from" 9 "and captain Blanco. His resurrection is one of the few things that Real Madrid can rescue from a convulsive course and without important titles. From this crisis can come a Karim more "killer", something confirmed by their numbers so far. He added 26 points this year, just six of his best record with Real Madrid, the 32 of the 2011-2012 season. The past only put twelve and, although many of the current are without titles at stake, it is confirmed that without Cristiano has decided to settle within the area. His instinct is more that of a half point than that of a predator, that is true, and he himself has admitted that he feels as happy marking that assisting. For a long time he got used to being the best supplier of CR7 and he played according to the Portuguese's movements. Without him, has been released in the auction and the best sample are the two headers yesterday, which is added last Wednesday in Mestalla.Frente Eibar did not see many ways to the comeback and Benzema gunpowder found them. "Karim is very big, he shows it every day, not only in matches, but also in training, how he works, professional and good teammate," assured Fede Valverde, one of those young people whom the French Guided lately "We must thank the goals and also the defensive part, which not all the strikers of the world today help and he always does," continued the Uruguayan pointing to that other side that Benzema has developed. He has never shown the soul of a leader and now he is seeing gestures commensurate with the bracelet that shines when Marcelo is not there. Zidane had no doubt that he wanted to continue counting on his compatriot for the next year and what most people currently see, he has already valued for a long time. "He has always been important in this team, the only thing is that he is scoring more goals and that changes the perception of the people. Today (yesterday) has not been he alone, has been well helped by his teammates in the second half, "recalled the coach, who had a break in his 100th game with Real Madrid in LaLiga. "It is difficult to play for nothing, but we will continue to do so in the games that remain. We will not look for excuses, as much as the situation is difficult and the outside does not help anything, "Zizou insisted that the goals of" his boy "alleviated the days that remain until the next inconsequential match.


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