January 24, 2021

Real Madrid. Fight between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez

Real Madrid. Fight between Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez

The night of the defeat against Real Madrid against Ajax had its consequences soon after in the dressing room that led to the discussion between Ramos and Florentino Pérez The club was a hotbed, with all the nerves to the surface, from the board to the players . The week was very hard and the thumping of the three consecutive European champions was as unexpected as it was painful.

Florentino went down to the locker room, as he usually does at the end of each game, but this time he could not hide his anger at what he had seen on the field and what he has been seeing all season. According to the information that the AS daily The white president reproached the players with their attitude on the pitch and the conversation went up in tone. Sergio Ramos, then, got up and answered. The captain told the president that the fault was planning.

Florentino, according to the sports newspaper, threatened to fire him, to which Sergio Ramos responded: "You pay me and I leave."

It was the end to a fateful night, with everyone hot for defeat. The relationship between the president and the captain has had several moments: from the proximity to the distance when the renewal, to return to feel close in the good times the discussion now.

Ramos knows he has a voice in the dressing room. He already said that they did not want a strong hand when they kicked Lopetegui, he who had been one of his supporters. Now it remains to be seen if he asks the captain as the club decides between Zidane and Mourinho.


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