Real Madrid dismantles the arguments of Thebes to play in Miami

Real Madrid dismantles the arguments of Thebes to play in Miami

Real Madrid disassembled in a letter to which 'El Larguero' has had access to Javier Tebas' arguments to play in Miami. The entity presided by Florentino Pérez explains that they have not been informed by LaLiga at any time of this possibility and therefore do not have their authorization.

"Real Madrid can not be satisfied that one of the matches of the First Division National League Championship in which our entity participates can be played, by voluntary decision, in a neutral field. Surprising that such a request comes from who should maintain a position of exquisite impartiality. Surprise the demonstration made by LaLiga tending to try to justify an interest with respect to the fans that, curiously, has not taken into account when commercializing these rights of broadcasting, awarding the emission rights of the United States matches to beIN, whose beIN Sports chain has an annual average audience share, "share" of 0.02% », assures the white set in his letter.

In the letter, it is argued that «We can not forget that the national league is a competition in which 20 teams participate, not two, and that it is fundamental that each team plays with each other twice, at home and away and in each stadium, since this guarantees the integrity and equality of the teams. The competition, "he said.

«As a consequence, I concludee, Real Madrid expresses its opposition to the request made to play the game at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami, since it affects the integrity and equality of the competition ».

The SER chain has also had access to the letter that Javier Tebas sent to Rubiales, saying that he had the support of a series of clubs that later withdrew their support for the LaLiga project in Miami.

José Manuel Mateos, president of Hobbies United, showed his disapproval to this project: «Tebas says that we do not have to join, that the project will come out. First we understand that it is not good news for fans to play a game in Miami. We are told that the Girona and Barça players agree, so we have to believe it. As an amateur I would squeak that a game be played in the US, that a game be played on weekdays at 10 pm, the games on Monday and Friday, that the cheapest ticket would be 70 .. »

The president of the League, Javier Tebas, said a few weeks ago that there were many things that could threaten the integrity of a competition, but the Miami game was not one of them.

"In a World Cup, a team that plays a … semifinal on Tuesday has a greater advantage in the final than the team that plays on Wednesday "said Thebes.

"The teams have also played in other stadiums while their land is being renovated or to generate more income. If we really believe in this sports puritanism, we will have to make many changes in football ", he added.


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