Real Madrid City Florentino Pérez

Real Madrid City Florentino Pérez

At the Extraordinary Assembly of the club, the delegate members of Real Madrid gave a standing ovation to the president Florentino Pérez and They approved by acclamation the change of name of the Valdebebas sports city to Ciudad Real Madrid Florentino Pérez. Florentino Pérez. The white president expressed his gratitude for this recognition, remembering his arrival at the club in 2000 and his desire to follow in the footsteps of great figures like Santiago Bernabéu. And despite not seeking this type of recognition, he accepted the honor with discretion. "It is an honor, of course, but I want to do it discreetly. That is, I only ask that you put your name when I say so. I am not yet psychologically prepared to see my name on the door of Real Madrid City. With that condition, I am delighted," said Florentino Pérez.

"You all know that I have never sought this type of recognition. In fact, we announced at the time that the Board of Directors was not going to propose this, but the Statutes contemplate the possibility that you have chosen to make this proposal," he continued.

Florentino Pérez also recalled the former Real Madrid sports city and how the new facilities represent a great advance. He recalled the laying of the first stone in 2004, a memorable moment with Alfredo di Stéfano and a young Dani Carvajal, who now has five European Cups.

José Manuel de Carlos, partner number 6 and son of the former president of Real Madrid Luis de Carlos, presented the initiative of the partners as a sincere recognition of the work of Florentino Pérez, the great president of the 21st century. "I address this assembly as spokesperson for more than a thousand representative members and, I am convinced, of all Real Madrid fans, that we consider it time to recognize the legacy of a president who is already legendary. Nobody doubts that Florentino Pérez is one of the great presidents of our history. The president who has been able to pick up the baton of the great Real Madrid of the 20th century to promote it in this new era and consolidate the pillars of the institution that will be, without a doubt, the best club of the 21st century,” he assured. "Florentino Pérez is the president who has multiplied and revalued our heritage in an extraordinary way, which is the true strength for Real Madrid to continue being a solid entity in this new football industry.. "Real Madrid City is the best sports city in the world since it was inaugurated in 2005, with facilities that allow our teams and our employees to work in the best conditions to face the challenges we face as the best club of all time," he stated.

"This Real Madrid City is close to completing its first two decades and we believe that it is time for it to bear the name of one of the best presidents in our history and be renamed Real Madrid City Florentino Pérez. It is something that the members have been demanding since years ago and that our president Florentino Pérez, I have to say, dear Florentino, has tried to avoid many times," he concluded

Besides, The partners authorized the board of directors to borrow up to 370 million euros over 30 years to cover the increase in the budget for the remodeling works of the Santiago Bernabéu. Florentino Pérez explained some of the new improvements and assured that the club's financial situation will allow financing under ideal conditions. The average annual payments will be around 60 million euros, but they will be less than half of the annual benefits that will be obtained once the works are completed. Pérez concluded by assuring that the Bernabéu will be a firm ally to achieve all the club's dreams.