Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Real Madrid Champions Why is Rodrygo the successor of Raul and Butragueño?

The debut is important, it is the first goal that the players reach, a dream for which they have sacrificed many things since they started playing football since childhood. The debut matters. But it is not the end point, perhaps it is only the beginning of another stage, perhaps the most important, that measures the maturity of a football player and his ability to withstand the pressure. Butragueño debuted in early February 1984 against Cádiz. He made two goals, one wonderful. It was a stellar appearance.

But the fundamental thing happened later: he started against the Spanish, in the next game, and scored two goals; he returned to play against Salamanca on the day that followed and continued to start later against Atlético de Madrid. The debut may be contaminated by the illusion, by the adrenaline of that first day. But then you have to keep demonstrating what you are worth. "The great players differ because of that, it was a vital game because the group stage had passed, our situation on the table. We needed to win and Rodrygo's first goal was two minutes later, he says a lot about him and football that it has inside, of the decision making and that is a gift ", said Butragueño of the Brazilian soccer player as soon as the meeting against Galatasaray ends.

(See the hug between Rodrygo and Vinicius)

It was not Rodrygo's debut in the first team. That happened against Osasuna and there he left details of the player who is: ball-oriented control in career, speed and good definition. It was a star detail, but a detail. You had to see more. It has been Bale's injury that has given him the definitive opportunity and he has not been impressed by what was being played. "In its tranquility it looks like Butragueño," Valdano said. "It may be, I'm not surprised by Rodrygo's similarity to Butragueño. We know Emilio's career at Real Madrid and everyone knows that Rodrygo is a quality and future player. Hopefully he can continue like this and do Emilio's career in the real Madrid".

Butragueño's times have changed a lot: now football demands a physical effort that he did not ask for when the Quinta del Buitre, but does not change the responsibility of playing at the Bernabéu or the maturity that is needed to wear the Real Madrid shirt and not leave overwhelm by your weight. Something Raul has in it. Youth is not a problem. With 18 years and 113 days, Raul made his first hat trick in Europe against Ferencvaros. With 18 years and 113 days, Rodrygo has done suyol.

Like Butragueño, the best of Raúl did not come in his debut against Zaragoza, when he failed many times: it was later, in the next game against Atlético, when he continued to start and scored a great goal. He was constant in the elite.

Rodrygo is being. From the white locker room it takes time saying that once Rodrygo got to it, it would be difficult to stop him. He is calm, thanks God and protects his father, who is only 34 years old. He wants to face Vinicius, but they both hugged in the locker room at the end of the crash. They are two young people who are plotting their future

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