August 5, 2021

Real Madrid basketball: Llull puts Madrid in airplane mode | sports

Real Madrid basketball: Llull puts Madrid in airplane mode | sports

In one of his fetish scenarios, the Fonteta, where he achieved that triple from 21 meters in February 2016 that crowned him as an icon of the improbable, Sergio Llull starred in another of his superiority exercises (17 points, three rebounds, six assists and 21 of valuation in 25 minutes) to take ahead to Valencia de Ponsarnau (70-88). The performance of Llull, well seconded by Randolph (14 points and nine rebounds) and Tavares (10 points, six rebounds and four blocks), unleashed the champion to install him again in the leadership of the League from the early stages. "We have played a very serious game. We will miss Doncic because it is a phenomenon, but that's it. I try to add and help the team, "analyzed the protagonist of the meeting, the first of the demanding calendar of seven in 17 days that awaits Madrid.

A carats poster was announced in the Fonteta and the two contestants responded to expectations in a big way, but only Madrid held the pace. Despite being only on the second day of the League, the match was installed from the initial jump in a very high levels of intensity, with Dubljevic and Tavares as first batters. However, the operations center quickly moved from painting to perimeter. In a sequence of febrile success from 6.75 came three triples from Valencia (two from Doornekamp and one from Sastre), which broke the Madrid zone to the desperation of Laso, and two from Llull, which unleashed the white storm.

Llull arrived at the meeting after reaching the honorary prize of Madrid's top triple in the ACB and decided to polish the brand. With his three successes against the Iberostar Tenerife in the league premiere he added 662, surpassing the record holder Alberto Herreros (661) and enlarging the distance with Josechu Biriukov (579) and with his current partner Jaycee Carroll (537) and, in the first quarter against the Valencia, took run in statistics. In just eight minutes, the service sheet of the white totem was already stratospheric: 4 out of 5 in triples, two rebounds, two assists and 16 assessment.

Valencia survived the onslaught with the points of Thomas and Dubljevic and the clash closed the first round with a capital 26-28. The Madrid stretched the rope thanks to the productive dynamism of Randolph but, as soon as Laso stopped to recover the breath, the taronja team was rearmed with a partial 9-0 (39-36). At rest, the champion dominated the rebound and the perimeter and the locals defended themselves with a remarkable 70% in shots of two. "We have to toughen the game in the third quarter, control the rebound and defend better," announced Llull on the trip to the locker room. And, responding to the millimeter to its road map, Madrid resolved the contest in the resumption.

With Llull as plenipotentiary governor of the meeting, the score was dismantled in a flash. From 43-45 from minute 21 to 43-56 from 24. In between, a mate from Tavares, four points from Carroll, five from Causeur and three assistants from Llull, who managed with intelligence and generosity the over-attention to their brand. And to top it off, a triple more, the fifth of his account, one leg and on the horn, to yield the illusions of Valencia. The exhibition of Madrid, based on the defense and propelled by the talent of Llull, left Valencia in a 2 of 16 in field goals and the partial in 5-21. Another triple of Randolph, the 11th of the white team left the visitor income in 20 points (46-66, m.30). When Llull sat down (after the overshoot he agreed of the operated knee), the taronja pride reduced the distance to 9 points (70-79, m.38), but there was no space for the comeback. They were missing Yusta, Taylor, Ayón and Thompkins in the cast of Laso, but he left arsenal to a team that since the Super Cup is in airplane mode.

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