October 20, 2020

Real Madrid, a thousand days being the best in Europe (except for Guardiola)

Real Madrid, a thousand days being the best in Europe (except for Guardiola)

In 1,000 days you can change everything. Or almost everything, because there is one thing that has not changed in this period of time: the name of the European champion. On the night of May 28, 2016, Lucas Vázquez went to the penalty spot playing with the ball, as if not everyone was looking at him with his heart in a fist and amazed at the tranquility with which the Madridista took the matter. Bale was later, half lame, but decided and the last one, Cristiano Ronaldo, to score after Juanfran's decision. Real Madrid started that game well in Milan, then Atlético reacted, had him on the ropes for a while and in the end, the team that trained Zidane ended up being superior. It was the penalties that decided. Since then, there has been no rival who can defeat the whites, who walk through Europe with almost inexplicable confidence. Tonly Di Stéfano's Real Madrid (1,624 days), after winning the editions of 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1960, and Bayern Munich (1,034), which did so in 1974, 1975 and 1976, have managed to overcome the thousand days reigning in Europe, both legendary teams. But no group had managed to revalidate the title twice since the Champions model was created and is an almost unrepeatable milestone that is achieved three consecutive times. The white team, as it did at the beginning of the competition, has left a mark that is probably impossible to overcome. Although, some, like Guardiola, insist that this hardly has any value. When asked about the best of the decade, he omitted Madrid and then, if that were not enough, he tried to rationalize it.

This season the Champions has become again the main target of the white entity. After the trip against Girona, the League is not considered impossible, but it can be seen from a distance. Barcelona have to make mistakes four times and those of Solari not failing more in what remains of the League. The Cup will be played next Wednesday, but it is in the Champions that the focus has been restored. And nobody seems to be a feat utopian or impossible. Because it is true that everything changes and more Real Madrid, who no longer has the same coach and has lost his top scorer, but the sensations are the same as in courses previous: a season start with what seems an excessive reluctance and all alarms on. However, it has been reaching February and getting ready. Not even in the club do they have an explanation for this Real Madrid, which is fragile in many league games against inferior opponents, but which overcomes any difficult circumstance when crossing the border. The perfect example of what happened last week: the Solari team suffered as few times in Ajax's home. Overcome by the pressure and youthful enthusiasm of the rival, he could barely leave his field in an hour. However, she resisted with maturity, with the knowledge that the experience gives: she knew that her opportunity was coming and she was not going to forgive her. He won a game in which he had everything against him. Survived in the storm. And yet, the following weekend, the Solari received the Girona of Eusebio, a team that did not know what it was to win in the last thirteen meetings and surprised the Santiago Bernabéu in a match he had lost. It is a team that lacks consistency, but insatiable when the Champions League anthem sounds.


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