Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

Real El Canario premieres "Pride Always" with Los Sabandeos – La Provincia

Real the Canary with "Pride Always" puts music to a tradition and feelings that, although clearly identified with the Canary Islands, can be extrapolated to any corner of the world: the pride for the roots of each one, the bond and the attachment to everything that became ours at birth and that has clothed us during our growth and has given us an identity.

And he does it claiming. He complains about the mistreatment of history but highlights the perseverance and uniqueness of a people proud to be.

Los Sabandeños join Real El Canario to turn this song into a hymn that is a proposal with a unique musical base within the World music Spanish-speaking, who in "Pride Always" drinks classic Canarian sound, Latin music, but also African music and hip hop always present in the musical spirit of Real El Canario. Two generations of artists distanced in time and style but united by the same feeling of pride and devotion to the Canary Islands.

"Pride Always" it is the third advance, after "Carpe Diem" and "La Felicidad", of the next Real El Canario album that will be titled "The Magic of Mencey" and is scheduled for early 2020.


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