April 16, 2021

Ready for battle

Ready for battle

Real Madrid arrives at the beginning of the Tourmalet that is supposed next month. The whites raise their eyes towards the summit and feel that they can crown it in the best way. The team has recovered the sensations in addition to almost all the injured. Only Vallejo is missing while the others stand on tiptoe when Solari sings the lineup so that he remembers them.


Before the Alavés rested Varane and Carvajal, sanctioned, and Lucas Vázquez and Kroos by technical decision. Vinicius and Benzema returned to be headlines so that there were no unforeseen events and because everyone agrees that as long as the body resists them it has to be on the grass. Karim opened the scoring on his sixth goal in the last four games. He already has 18 this course in all competitions and clearly stands out as the best white scorer. Last night, on the play of 1-0, attacked the small area as the most "killer" of the strikers, confirming that it is the sharpest version that could ever exist of the nine French. Fly in the unmarked thanks to that it is fine and it is understood great with Vinicius, although the question is who can not connect to the thousand wonders with the Brazilian.

Premiere of Vini

Facing the Alavés reached nine assists and returned to meet the goal. It was the first of his career in LaLiga and served to erase any hope of surprise for the people of Vitoria. Those of Abelardo can testify better than anyone in favor of Solari and the improvement of Madrid with him in command. The match of the first round, back in the beginning of October, was an impotence exercise until the Mendizorroza took the win in a 93rd minute. Now, at the beginning of February, the rival the Blue and Whites met he was another, much more intense, quick in the pressure after loss and hooked to his two most fit players: Benzema and Vinicius.

For now, Madrid awaits the best Bale, who could only shine a little when Vini left his left side.

Waiting for Bale

The Welshman may be the best winter signing and the same thing may happen with many of those who have just left the infirmary. Asensio participated in the second goal and Isco, who entered the final, was the germ of 3-0 with a good pass towards Odriozola. The Basque runs and runs for the band and in the last seconds he found Mariano, who finished off in an acrobatic form. Maybe a way to scare away the ghosts that accompany him. All are signed up to the three competitions that Madrid is going to fight. In the league they are closer.


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