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The Community of Madrid is given three months to present the appeal to the energy saving plan before the Constitutional

The Community of Madrid gives itself three months to present before the Constitutional Court the appeal against the Royal Decree on energy saving which came into force this Wednesday. Despite considering that the measures are "imposed" by the central Executive, that they will be detrimental to the economy and businesses, that the shutdown of shop windows will generate insecurity and that there are ten points in the text that -in the opinion of the Ayuso Government- are unconstitutional, the regional vice president, Enrique Ossorio, stated on Tuesday that they would wait until November 1 to present the appeal.

In the midst of a conflict between the Community of Madrid, which began by assuring that it would not apply the plan recommended by Brussels but has ended up rectifying it, and the central government, those of Ayuso have announced a deferred appeal of unconstitutionality and, for the moment, without requesting measures precautionary measures, the only resource to stop the package of energy saving measures. The plan limits the temperature of air conditioning and heating in premises, with exceptionsrequires the installation of door closing mechanisms (from September) and turning off the light in public buildings when no one is working.

In the words of Ossorio, the legal service of the Community has prepared a 35-page report "which must now be converted into an appeal of unconstitutionality." The period of three months that has been given since Sol, he has explained, "has the advantage that if it were not validated in Congress, it would die." If it is processed as law, the vice president continued, "there may be modifications." The Junta de Andalucía has also explained that it will speed up the three-month period to appeal.

Reports David Noriega.

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